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Who is the best current Snooker commentator?

Poll runs till 22 Apr 2022

John Virgo
Dennis Taylor
Stephen Hendry
Steve Davis
Ken Doherty
John Parrott
Alan McManus
David Hendon
Neal Foulds
Joe Johnson
Phil Studd
No votes
Dominic Dale
Phil Yates
Total votes : 85

Re: Who is the best current commentator?

Postby AlfGit

badtemperedcyril wrote:
Iranu wrote:
AlfGit wrote:
badtemperedcyril wrote:I disagree. I think Virgo was about to follow Everton and Thorne by being pensioned off by the BBC but he's upped his game. He's more technical now and has cut out the annoying "where the cue ball going" and constant criticism.

When the BBC got rid of Clive Everton, a very sad day, their reasoning was that they only wanted pro or former pro players commentating. When they cancelled Willie Thorne for the majors, it just showed what kind of audience they were aiming at.

I suspect Thorne’s gambling issues may have had something to do with the decision. That’s just speculation on my part though.

I'm sure you're right. Also he swore live on air, which the BBC don't tend to like much.

"for puck sake, Pete" rofl

I had forgotten about his little faux pas, but it was a long time between that and them dropping him. Also, they only dropped him from the majors, which suggests it was not for those reasons.

Re: Who is the best current commentator?

Postby SnookerFan

Juddernaut88 wrote:
SnookerEd25 wrote:
Juddernaut88 wrote:
Johnny Bravo wrote:
Juddernaut88 wrote:Neal Foulds is winning this by a landslide.

Of course he is, he is the best.

Nope John Virgo is the best.


rofl rofl rofl

May I ask what is so funny? >-(

Your hilarious joke, where you pretended that Virgo was the best commentator.

Re: Who is the best current commentator?

Postby SnookerFan

James Bentley wrote:I think I must be a soft touch or something, but I don't really find anything objectionable about any of the commentators. Dennis Taylor is a bit vacuous, Virgo can be annoying and some of the others are just bland, but I can tolerate pretty much any of them. I even quite like Phil Yates!

I voted Foulds-McManus-Hendon though. Some are plainly better than others.


Re: Who is the best current commentator?

Postby Auntie Anne

I would still have Clive Everton.

Dennis Taylor talks too much for my liking, sometimes as Barry Davies, the doyen of commentators in my opinion, says "less is more".

My three choices, John Virgo, Joe Johnson and John Parrott.

I also don't understand this relatively fashion of ex or even current players commentating.

Just because you have played the game doesn't necessarily make you a good commentator in my humble opinion.

Re: Who is the best current commentator?

Postby SnookerEd25

Juddernaut88 wrote:
SnookerFan wrote:Phil Studd is currently the best commenatator. :gag:

Someone should vote for him so at least he is not stuck on zero.

Who cares if he is stuck on zero? :shrug:

Not as if the Eurosport top brass will see the poll, and dismiss him because of it :sad:

Re: Who is the best current commentator?

Postby OoNebsoO

Don't have BBC so don't listen often to their coverage (sometimes various streams have those commentator) but Eurosport ones are ok, Studd and Yates included, even though I prefer Hendon-Johnson combo the most.