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Will Judd break the curse?

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Can Judd break the Crucible Curse during Coronavirus?

Postby Acé

Hi guys,

I am not happy that people are pulling out so

it got me thinking if Judd was to break the Crucible curse under the outbreak of the Coronavirus how much of a big achievement would this be in terms of not just Snooker but sport, politics, bravery etc?

As we know lots of things are being shut down and quarantined and players are withdrawing from various sports but if Judd battles on through 17 days and wins it it could go down in history.

Could he do it?

It could inspire lots of sportsmen to never give up (like I didn't give up to come back here) and stick a big middle finger to the virus like saying "hey, I'm not gonna let you take me down if I can do it so can you" kind of thing.

Greta Thurnberg of Snooker.

Re: Can Judd break the Crucible Curse during Coronavirus?

Postby Acé

Badsnookerplayer wrote:If any snooker player is able to save Britain from the virus it will be Judd.

With Jack's planning of course.

Not neccesarily saving Britain i didn't make myself clear

Given we're living in tough times right now where people are scared to go out (not me I was brought up to be brave), celebs and sportsmen pulling out etc I think if he broke the Crucible cruse under the outbreak it would be a very big inspirational message to everyone.

That no matter how tough it is you can do it