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Re: World Open Last 64 Discussion!!!!!!!

Postby Witz78

Jimmy last won on TV at the Wildcard round in last seasons Shanghai........

anyway heres my take on today, just made it back home left at 1-1 in the Selby match - not surprised to hear he lost in the end.


1- The guy on the MC

where the hell is Walker? This guys "patter" is terrible, cringeworthy. Yous want to see him before the intros when hes warming the crowd up. Camper than a row of tents he is and hes out of his depth.

2- The arena set up

No bookies set up (thought 12 bet would have some sort of represntation there?)

No cuezone / table

Useless SECC staff in charge instead of WPSBA folk on the door so the muppets wouldnt let about 50 of us into the White game at 6.55pm cos they said the players were just about to come out. I was going mad arguing to get them to let us in as there was lots of noise made anyway then so people entering the arena was hardly an issue but they said wed get in after the entrances.

So shock horror the muppets let us in then they suddenly twig...."what happens after the players entrances?? Oh rubbish, yeh they start playing dont they?" So they come running after us all and preventing us from going up the stairs to take our seats. Pathetic. Shows the lack of knowledge of how a snooker event is run yet these muppets are left in charge.

3 - The Welsh Fan

Same old silly stories about Williams, Selbys wife, Jimmy Michie etc from him. He truly is a nerd. And Stalin, yeh he was up to his old trick of just rambling on non stop even though we gave up listening haha

4 - Eirian Williams not spotting the free ball, doh!! i was so close to shouting out at that point to alert Bjorn to it. He was a top guy, we had a good chat to him beforehand, according to the Welsh guy he is cocky and arrogant, but he seemed ok to me, maybe not lacking in confidence (just a pity he didnt take that to the table with him, a couple of shocking misses he had)