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SPA announcment

Postby Wildey

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At an EGM due to be held in Sheffield on Wednesday 2nd June 2010, two giants in the business world, Barry Hearn and John Davison battle it out for the ownership of World Snooker Ltd

In light of the new proposal made by John Davison, The Snooker Players Association insists that WPBSA pays for an independent review from a reputable firm of auditors such as Deloittes or PWC and report its findings and recommendations back to its members before any votes are taken at the EGM.

The Snooker Players Association is acting in the interest of the players, without bias or favour.

Les Barton
Director of SPA

Re: SPA announcment

Postby Bourne

Haven't been keeping up with this story wild, can you tell me what the EGM is and what they hope to achieve there ?

Re: SPA announcment

Postby Wildey

to be honest if barry hearn isnt voted to take the 51% share in World Snooker Ltd and guide it to the new season i haven't got a clue what will happen from my understanding Barry will walk and leave snooker but now with John Davison a rivel bid on the table well i see snooker in total limbo for the foreseeable future and what will Barry Hearn do then.