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Gibraltar to stage 5th European Tour event

Postby Andre147

News just came in that Gibraltar will stage the fifth edition of the regular European Tour events on the calendar, between 9th-13 of December, replacing my home country PTC in Portugal which was staged at the same time last year.

Although my home PTC was a huge sucess, they've had huge problems with our Federation which I cannot go into further detail here, but suffice to say they totally wasted a golden chance to have this huge event again on the calendar. <doh>

But I can only wish that this event in Gibraltar is a huge sucess. ... ker-event/

Re: Gibraltar to stage 5th European Tour event

Postby TheSaviour

I thought I had already seen it all. I saw when some authentic german people were swimming in a lake in Cornwall during the summertime. If that doesn´t count as a culture shock, then I don´t know what would then. Some surrealistic sight, or how do they put it.

But during the last years I have been thinking about some of these more exotic places. On a daily basis. I just did not know that the situation was or is this bad. On a how things are there, since I feel that there have been some quite radical changes going on. And there´s a completely different culture in there. Thinking nothing too specific. Since a place like Gibraltar is something I have been admired, or how ever you would like to put it, for a long time.

But you can count me in for being there during the next summer also <ok> . If before that nothing else helps.

But now it is confirmed. Gibraltar hosts it.

Just try to take it easy, and let´s wait for this now then.