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Re: Ruhr Open (Kreativ Dental Clinic ET 3) !!!

Postby SnookerFan

Wildey wrote:honest to god buck knows how good for the sport that a never was or never ever going to be has won event at 44 is?

Good luck to him but if i was Selby, Robbo, Williams, Bingham, Murphy, Allen etc etc id be asking the question do i deserve to be classed the best of the best? id say NO WAY.

its about time thoes players gets off their fat baboons shiny behinds and start to play like World Beaters instead of Also Rans.


Is that you?

Re: Ruhr Open (Kreativ Dental Clinic ET 3) !!!

Postby Gridlock

Finally got around to watching some of the matches plus the final.

Interesting tournament and kudos to McLeod. One for us old guys!