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please clarify snooker rule

Postby elnino

Striker asks the referee to clean a ball. The ball subject to cleaning was red which was also the ball-on. Referee marks the position of the ball with a ball marker but disturbs it when lifting the ball. Referee re-positions it to where he thought it was.

a) Striker picks the ball marker up and places it where he thought it should have been.

Is this a foul?

What should the Referee do?

What penalty would be imposed?

b) If the non-striker had done what the striker did in the above situation would the Referee's decision be the same or different?

Re: please clarify snooker rule

Postby acesinc

Answer a): foul, four away, referee replaces the balls as near as possible to their original positions, and the opposing player begins his turn as striker. From the Rules, Section 3.:

10. Penalties.
The following acts are fouls and incur a penalty of four points unless a
higher one is indicated in paragraphs (a) to (d) below. Penalties are:
(a) ...
(b) value of the ball on or ball concerned, whichever is higher, by:
(i) ...
(vi) touching a ball or ball marker in play, other than in the lawful execution of a stroke...

Note that it is a foul to even just touch a ball or ball marker, let alone pick it up or move it around. You can point but don't touch.

Answer b): foul, penalty value of four points will be added to the current striker's score (but not to the official break score), referee replaces the balls as near as possible to their original position, but the current striker's turn is unaffected so his break continues. This condition is referenced several times in the rules so I won't bore you with details.

The conditions are the same in that neither player may ever legally touch any ball or ball marker in play, but different in that if the striker does it, his turn is ended, and if the non-striker does it, the current striker's turn continues.

I believe this post was made here in error...should have been in "Rules and Referees".