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Your Ideal Snooker Tournament

Postby AC or LT?

Imagine you are giving free reign to choose match lenghths, session times, location, broadcast channels and any over element you can have control over. What would your ideal tournament be, an invitational or a tour event, a round robin, knockout or tiered qualifying system. Mine would be the following;

A 128 player tour event.
Played at the beginning of the season.
Played at Wembley Arena.
Players can wear what they want.
Crowd can get as involved as they want.
Players can behave like it's the good old days.
Referees forced to wear orange jumpsuits.
All matches played to conclusion in one day (two for semis) (three for final).
Players to mutually agree whether or not to use a shot clock, and that clocks time at the start.

Sessions distributed as follows 9am-1.15pm, lunch break 2pm-6.15pm, tea break, 7pm until finish (up until 2.45am (allow players time to sleep, 6 hours is enough for anyone). A 20 minute mid-session interval at least once every session, after mutually agreed number of frames determined by player and ref. Players play until end of session or match, no frame limits.

L128: Best of 35 (8 tables -- 4 televised and 4 streamed)
L64: Best of 49 (8 tables -- 4 televised and 4 streamed)
L32: Best of 74 (8 tables --- 4 televised and 4 streamed)
L16: Best of 99 (4 tables - 4 televised)
QF: Best of 149 (2 tables - 2 televised)
SF: Best of 175 (1 table - 1 televised)
F: Best of 249 (1 table - 1 televised)