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Prizemoney based Pointssystem

Postby Gigasnooker

Hi guys,

First of all, i'm new here, and english is only my thirth language, so sorry for mistakes and errors :-)

I've done some calculations calculating the average prizemoney distribution.
From that distribution I've come up with a ranking system (for comparison, the current system is also in the table)
Everything is in % of the winner's points/money:


If a round isn't used, it is not taken into account,
So the points for a 128 flat draw are
W: 100
F: 50
SF: 30
QF: 20
R16: 15
R 32: 10
R64: 5
R128: 1

Seeded losers get the point of the line below:
R48 seeded loser gets 5 points (=R64 non seeded loser)
You can't get below the last line, so losing in R128 or R112 both give you 1 point.
(one can see this as a participation bonus)

The next step to assign a weight to each event.
This is very easy: Weight= Prizemoney winner (in £)/ 10000
So a single PTC event has weight 1
Wuxi classic has weight 7.5
World Championship has weight 25

For example, the points for the Australian Open (winner prizemoney= 60.000 A$ (approx. 40000£, so weight 4))
Winner: 400
Finalist: 200
SF: 120
QF: 80
R16: 60
R32: 40
R48: 28
R64: 20
R80: 16
R96: 12
R112: 8

Remembers, instead of halving the seeded loser points, the line below is taken into account.

The R112 isn't only handy for the seeded loser points, but next year there will be 128 players and with the current qualificationsystem, the round will be used.

Now why the hell did you do that one can say. Isn't it easyer to just use a real money list?
Well first of all, most tournaments only give money to the last 64, so next year there will be 64 players ranked equally to 0£ when some of them might have even won 3 qualification matches (won R128, R112,R96 lost R80). So these achievments must be traced also.
Secondly, in different tournaments treat "losers" differently, the losing finalist gets something in the range of 40% (China Open) to 60% (German Masters) of the winners money, which is obviously not logical because the achievment is the same.

I'm going to keep my ranking up to date here in on this forum, so that we can monitor it ;-)
Until someone comes up with a better name (proposals are welcome :-) ) i shall call it the GS-ranking.