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Terry Griffiths Snooker Lab

Postby Monique

The Terry Griffiths Snooker Lab has been launched.

It is an online Coaching Lab where anyone in the world can get coaching and advice through unique technology developed for coaching.

The site and the underlying, in house specifically developed, software offer a number of services to players at any level as well as to coaches.

The revolutionary feature is that the lab offers "blended learning". In addition to the traditional lessons that "pupils" can follow online, the site offers the possibility for interactive, face to face discussion and mentoring by Terry Griffiths. The players have the opportunity to send videos of themselves at the table, to get them analysed and subsequently discussed interactively online on an individual basis.

Technique is of course an essential part of the game but psychology is equally important. That's why lessons and mentoring about the psychology of the sport are also available.

This initiative is extremely interesting for players living in countries where the game is growing but not fully developed yet and lacks the structures and the people to offer proper learning and coaching services.

Here are a few screen shots




Re: Terry Griffiths Snooker Lab

Postby Roland

Yes I've been waiting to see what this site is all about, it was meant to be released in January. No Shotmaster though :ahh:

Re: Terry Griffiths Snooker Lab

Postby Sickpotter

send me the video of your game/stroke first. I'll have a go for free and it might be usefull*

* disclaimer....I in no way guarantee what I suggest will help, I do guarantee it won't hurt ;) least not for long <laugh>