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New year resolution

Postby alba_

Merry Christmas and a happy new year all.

Hello guys.

Well my new year resolution is going to be getting back into playing snooker.
I use to play a 3/4 times a week for like 10 years and was decent but not great.
My highest break was 68 and that was playing with so many bad habits from childhood.I stopped playing for like 8 years but would play the odd game here and there when the world championships/Uk were on the TV. I started playing again like 1 year ago for a good few months and got the hunger back for it and got a playing partner too witch is a rare thing these days. I fixed my game up quite a bit over those months and ironed out all the bad habits and technique problems i had and started to make decent breaks again after such a long time away from the game. I'm looking for a bit of help from you guys before i start again to get a bit of guidance on what sort of things i should do? I'm in a lucky position as i can go and will go and play like 5 days a week 4 of witch will be on my own for like 3/4 hours at a time. I have set myself a goal of making a century break this year so here is hoping. What do you guys suggest i do as i don't want to go and aimlessly bash balls around or do this routine or that routine if there is a better way especially with the time i'm going to have on my hands.


Re: New year resolution

Postby Roland

Welcome Alba. I was in a similar position 3 or 4 years ago but decided I should pick up my cue again and now I don't ever want to quit again until age stops me playing.

Have a look at the practice routines section. They've been up a while and more will be added in due course but I find they do help. I like the Christmas Tree one because it gets you good at reds to middle and close cue ball control.

If you can set up your mobile phone to record you doing them like I have done then people here with a coaching eye will be able to give you some feedback on your technique.

As for the century break, I'm still chasing too. I've bottled so many times when in the 80s and 90s when I know it's on but I know I should've had loads by now and am starting to play better than ever so I'm sure it will come one day. Just got to keep practicing and playing whenever possible.