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Side spin while not coming off a cushion

Postby Gnomy

Hello people,
This is one thing I often wonder about,
I see people giving various amounts of side spin along with screw or top spin, even when not coming off any cushion.
When I play, I don't really see much difference, whether I give side spin or not when I am just screwing back or following through with the cue ball.
Am I missing out on some major point here?

Re: Side spin while not coming off a cushion

Postby Sickpotter

Side isn't applied just when you intend on hitting a rail and taking off at a different angle, it's often used to make a potting angle.

For example if you're trying to make a quarter ball cut but you can't quite see quarter ball you can use side to create the 1/4 ball connection result with a 3/8 ball connection.

Thinner cuts are harder so if you can use side to allow for a thicker cut it can help with control.