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Few questions

Postby Khaos

So I've been playing snooker for a few years and have recently got back into the game.
Ive made a few 50s in practice and some 30s in game.

When it comes to some games I fill used with pressure and can barely play. I don't know how to fix this!!
Also I really struggle with potting angles sometimes.
My question here is if you stand behind the white and look at the potting angle do you fix on that angle whilst getting down on the shot?


Re: Few questions

Postby Sickpotter

Hi Khaos,

I always determine my angle prior to getting down on the shot. Adjusting your angle while down on the shot leads to skewing your cue action. If you get down on the shot and you don't feel you're correctly lined up you should get back up and go through your pre-shot alignment routine again.

Fixing your play under pressure is tough. It can be improved by lots of practice to increase your self-belief/confidence but mainly it's gained through matches. I'm a pretty firm believer in putting a few quid on each match to always maintain some kind of pressure. Of course matches for titles can carry a different kind of pressure so playing in as many events as you can is important as well.

Best of luck.