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Two old snippets

Postby Badsnookerplayer

These two articles were printed in Billiards Monthly in 1912 and may be of interest. The first was an enquiry from a reader.

”Engaging for the first time in a game of snooker and being asked to break I, much to my surprise, set the room
in a roar by going for the pack and scattering the reds. What was there so greatly amusing in this, and why should not the pack be broken up?”

"The remarkable performance is mentioned by The Sheffield Telegraph of August 19, of Jesse James, aged 16, who is employed at the Howard Billiard Saloon, Chapel Walk, Sheffield, and who made a break of 70 at snooker in a game with a local player. The Sheffield Telegraph adds:
As the world record stands at 72, the performance is a very remarkable one, especially as being made by a boy on a full-size table.”

Re: Two old snippets

Postby roy142857

I wonder if Jesse James continued to play? Could be hidden in the records as some players in the 20s 'adopted' names to play under (e.g. Thomas goof played as Tom Newman).