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Re: Revolving Cues 2023-2024

Postby Juddernaut88

SnookerEd25 wrote:
Juddernaut88 wrote:When will you update the table Iranu?

See post above yours :shrug:

Did I make this thread? No, I am just assuming that snookerfan and manty are the ones with 1 point each but it is down to Iranu the creator of the thread to update the table when he can and not me.

Re: Revolving Cues 2023-2024

Postby Iranu

Scores after the European Masters

Mantorok, Snookerfan = 1 point

Everyone else

As Judders says, only two scorers from the EM. I won’t do the full individual breakdown until more scores start coming in. Last season the first two tournaments went scoreless so this is an improvement!

The next eligible tournament is the Shanghai Masters.

Deadline for team selections will be 7.30am UK time on Monday 11th September. A polite reminder to please confirm BOTH players for each tournament.

Still plenty of time to join for this season (but please remember no wildcards).

Re: Revolving Cues 2023-2024

Postby Womble

I will keep mine the same.

My two players are:

Mark Allen
Neil Robertson

My wildcard is :

Si Jiahui

Thank you.

Re: Revolving Cues 2023-2024

Postby Womble

I'm taking a break from things and going to stay with some friends in Nevada for a couple of months.

I will just keep my Revolving Cues selections the same.

Thanks. <ok>

Re: Revolving Cues 2023-2024

Postby SnookerEd25

Ronnie O’Sullivan, the Essex Exocet


Luca Brecel, the Belgian Bullet

Please and thank you