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Re: ManBetX Welsh Open Last 32 & Last 16 !!!

Postby lhpirnie

D4P wrote:Going to be a pretty remarkable semi-final lineup, especially for a tournament that started with 128 players and 4 rounds of Bo7...

Perhaps after 3 years the top players are getting the hang of this best-of-7 stuff

Re: ManBetX Welsh Open Last 32 & Last 16 !!!

Postby McManusFan

Ck147 wrote:
McManusFan wrote:
Ck147 wrote:
McManusFan wrote:
Ck147 wrote:Wtf, the snooker stream just changed to football on bet365, chameleons. Well livescores says its 4-0. Will Greene smash up his cue and give up the game now?

They are really trigger happy with killing the stream, I think there must be a bit of a delay so when the final frame is won it just stops dead. Very annoying, it's always nice to see the handshake.

Cut off the last couple of shots too, I won't be spending that £5 I banked with them.

Heard you guys got some rain (from colleagues in Sydney), has it helped with the fires where you are?

They start charging you money after a year if there's been no activity on the account. To avoid that I just put a dollar on a dead certain match.

We didn't get the same insane levels of rain they got in New South Wales, but we did get some. I think it certainly helped a lot with the fires, but we're still in peak fire season so who knows if anything else will spring up. The air's been noticeably better here the last few weeks, it was really unpleasant being outside at one point.
You been effected by that storm last week?

Ok, didn't know that, will keep an eye on the betting account, thanks!

Were the fires where you are as bad as NSW? You're in Melbourne right?

My garden furniture got blown all over the garden but thankfully the fences didn't blow down, nothing compared to what you guys are going through.

The fires out in East Gippland (about 4 hours drive east from Melbourne) were pretty horrific. That was where they got the navy in to help evacuate a town. Thankfully it is all pretty far away from Melbourne, but even so the smoke was pretty awful, although not as bad as Canberra had it, the footage from there looked pretty apocalyptic.