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Unlikely the final will be good quality?

Postby snooker_loopy

Based on the form of the semis, it's hard to imagine the final looking too good quality-wise. Judd looks the best out of the current four but he is a bit hot and cold. One moment he's making a decent break, the next missing a few reds. If Gilbert does manage to beat Higgins it may be because he's mildly less worse than Higgins! I can't see how Gilbert is going to find his A or even B+ game for the final. I suppose anything is possible, but realistically I can't see Gilbert producing the goods over the final.

Do you expect the final to be a bit naff? Lots of misses, balls going onto the side cushions? It can be entertaining but over 35 frames? Not sure I can endure all of that. Besides, bank holidays are for walks in the part, seeing relatives. It's not as if you can't do something else when Gilbert is making a 20 break and missing the next red. :-D

Re: Unlikely the final will be good quality?

Postby snooker_loopy

Worst case scenario: Wilson beats Trump, Gilbert beats Higgins.

Wilson and Gilbert have a terrible night sleeping. They're too nervous or hyped up they can barely sleep.

They're so tired tomorrow they produce their worst form and the highest break after two sessions is 35. Dennis Taylor keeps repeating the phrase "it's just the tension out there" and Stephen Hendry calls the players "crap" and is forced to apologize. Meanwhile Ronnie O'Sullivan tweets from his Bahamas holiday home - "I've quit snooker!"

He returns next season, of course.