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Can he be the first?

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Re: Will Judd Trump break the Crucible Curse?

Postby Ace

I think he will because he knows it's never been broken before and he's super duper hungry to create even a better standard than the one in 2019 so it will take some stopping when he's super super motivated and hungry like he is now to win everything.

Re: Will Judd Trump break the Crucible Curse?

Postby rekoons

Actually... Altough I previously voted ‘no’, I think Judd he might break the curse now:

From the bunch of serial ranking event winners (>10 ranking titles) he has had to wait the longest to win his first WC, (apart from Selby):

21 Hendry 1990
23 Higgins 1998
25 Williams 2000
26 O’ Sullivan 2001
28 Robertson 2010
30 Trump 2019
31 Selby 2014

Winning the WC at a younger age (<25 ?) was an impressive feat towards the turn of the century, but is nigh impossible now because of the improved general quality of the playing field.

The big three (and Hendry of course but that’s another era) all had a chance to beat the curse, but I believe they won their first WC when not at their fully best, improving more to become better snooker players in all aspects later in their career. They’re just so incredibly talented (as are Hendry and Trump) that they managed to win the WC despite not being at ‘peak career level’ yet.

Trump also almost pulled it off in 2011 more on talent than being at peak career level, but he has had to ‘ripen’ longer and is now more clever and battle hardened than ever, plus his overall performance this season has been great. If he won in 2011 very little chance he would’ve won in 2012, now there’s at least a good chance. As good a chance as Robertson after winning in 2010 at age 28, and Selby after winning in 2014 aged 31…

We’ll have to see, might also play crap and lose in the first round… :john:

Re: Will Judd Trump break the Crucible Curse?

Postby TheSaviour

One thing is that winning something is all about not to just to fall over the finish line.

Now, the Chinese players have a lot´s, lot´s of variation of how well they can fare themselves, and not any surprising giving the size and variations of a nation. Haotian, for example, who now starts his CL campaign, always just fall over the line while winning a frame. It´s not any good, to be perfectly honest. Anda Zhang could rule the sport with his immense long potting. Yan Bingtao is all about being a flamboyant character. That means a lot´s of fans. Ding is all about being a machine, and the opponent needs to beat a machine. It also means a lot´s of fans. Graeme Dott also always just falls over the line, sadly so. Bingtao or Ding ain´t real threats, Haotian or Dott any also.

It is always better to completely bottle something instead of just hanging in there and perhaps managing to fall over the line every now and then. It is better to absolutely bottle it and then trying reverse the fortunes and making a convinging century. That´s why never write the likes of David Gilbert, Robert Milkins, Joe Perry or Shaun Murphy off. Yes, I have personally witnessed even Shaun Murphy, not to even mention Joe Perry, to choke and bottle some really important frames on the trot against Ronnie O´Sullivan. But eventually it doesn´t matter. They never jus fall over the line. It is either or either way.

But Anda Zhang could well win it. Fair play to Judd always trying to give his best. His cue ball controll is slightly strange these days. But always giving his best. Falling over the line? Perhaps.

It is not a real bargain (for that price). For this price, this is a real bargain. Either way or either way. Just never to just to fall over the line.

The likes of Ronnie O´Sullivan, Ben Woollaston, Jak Jones and Anda Zhang will be all coming with all guns blazing this time. We all already now know it will be quite enough, but will it be enough to some of them to go all the way?

The dark horses involves and includes the likes David Gilbert and Mark Selby.

Mark J Williams is an another machine. Not the Chinese machine like Ding Junhui, but the Welsh Potting Machine, for sure. It won´t be enough but he will having the scores of fans!

Re: Will Judd Trump break the Crucible Curse?

Postby The_Abbott

SnookerFan wrote:
The_Abbott wrote:70% of SI know what they were talking about.

It's me and The Saviour letting the side down here, isn't it?

We need a poll to decide this.