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Re: ManBetX Welsh Open Quarter-Finals !!!

Postby rekoons

Koninkaulus wrote:This is a truly bizarre forum. The amount of whining from certain posters whenever their favourites don't do well in a tournament is astonishing, and the mockery and sheer hostility towards any lower-ranked player doing well is frankly disgusting.

I just can't for the life of me comprehend people who hate surprises in snooker, or sport in general. Unpredictability is at the very core of what makes watching sports exciting. Moreover, Joe O'Connor today produced probably the most impressive snooker I've seen any inexperienced youngster play this season, and Hossein Vafaei (who anyone that actually follows snooker should know is immensely talented) has been brilliant. Both completely and undeniably deserve their places in the last four. Yet quite a few miserable people are here moaning about a "shitty" semi-final line-up, some even stopping by just to say that the tournament is crap. Who is forcing you to watch it? Just do something else if you don't like snooker.

Moaning about tournaments here when your favourite is out like a bunch of five-year-olds whose mom bought them the wrong bag of candy is incredibly grating (which apparently is the point), not to mention a complete waste of everyone's time. Complaining about the same thing over and over again is not a discussion or a relevant addition to it.

This nonsense about best-of-sevens is tedious too. The number of tournaments with exclusively longer matches has not diminished, nor are these "lotteries" being won in great numbers by lower-ranked players. I like them because they do spring up a few more surprises, but in the end they've been almost exclusively won by the established top guys. I'm really hoping for a final between O'Connor and Vafaei here though. It would great to have a new winner, and either of those guys would really have had to beat the top players to do it. Nobody could call a potential tournament win for Joe or Hossein undeserved. Or they could (and would) on this forum, but it would be utter bullcrap.