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Re: Championship League Snooker 2019 !!!

Postby Andre147

TheRocket wrote:The funny thing is even when Higgins played absolutely rubbish the match before he suddenly plays out of his skin when he sees Trump at the other side.

As if he believes he's destined to beat Trump. Thats how confident he is when he plays Trump. He made three one visit breaks in this match.

That's true.

I think for once MDG is right... until Trump actually beats Higgins in a big match, say a TC event and in dramatic fashion like a decider, he'll never be confident facing him, whereas Higgins will.

Re: Championship League Snooker 2019 !!!

Postby Koninkaulus

A bit late this post, I know, but I can't not comment seeing as only a few days ago I was in another thread wishing Gould would fight for titles again. Good to see him win something. He even battled through a leg cramp in the final!

Hopefully Gould can find some form in ranking events too. This season he only has the World Championship left after losing 6-0 to Rod Lawler in the China Open qualifiers...