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Re: Coral Players Championship Last 16 !!

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TheRocket wrote:
SnookerFan wrote:
Andre147 wrote:Its true in the past 2 years Ronnie has managed to find the formula to beat Higgins.

But its undeniable that between late 2005 for more than a decade Ronnie lost too many matches against him, and very important ones too.

At least he won their biggest, the 2001 World Final.

Is that because Ronnie 'respected him too much', or just because Higgins is an awesome player also? He is going to beat Ronnie on occasion.

The way we're talking, it suggests that the head to head is massively in Higgins' favour.

When I say respected him too much I just meant that he sometimes doesnt play his natural game against him. Like playing a lot slower or negative. Whenever he plays quicker and more agressive it works better imo.

It just seems we over worry about it as a problem.

Re: Coral Players Championship Last 16 !!

Postby SnookerFan

I've caught that clip on ITV4 pre-snooker before.

They should have an annual race of that, and put it on at Christmas or something. I can see that being on Channel 5.