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Re: Fuhua Group China Open Qualifying !!

Postby manicpb

gallantrabbit wrote:Don't mind Murphy constantly losing as long as it doesn't mean him in the commentary box all the time...kin awful!!

Stands a chance as Ken Doherty went through!

Re: Fuhua Group China Open Qualifying !!

Postby HustleKing

The punditry/commentary curse strikes again. Every player, bar Ronnie, has pretty much fallen apart after starting their media career before retiring from playing.

It obviously impacts on your playing career, both through lack of practice and the comfort zone aspect of commentary and punditry, so I don't know why a still relatively good player like Smurph is trying to juggle both.

At least when other players started their media careers, with the possible exception of Hendry, they had little hope of winning any rankers anymore. Smurph has proved he can still compete in rankers though, plus nobody likes hearing him four frames in a row!

Re: Fuhua Group China Open Qualifying !!

Postby Badsnookerplayer

HustleKing wrote:
Badsnookerplayer wrote:Following on from Huslteking's post:

Good article. I had to laugh though when he said he had no second career to go to yet and "taking a break simply isn't an option for me at the moment" :roll:


I don't mind Shaun to be fair. He can come across as quite pompous but I think he is a decent bloke at heart