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Re: Betfred World Championship (Wed May 2nd) Quarter-Finals

Postby masterdoctorgenius

A disappointed Trump said: “I’m 28-years-old now and I need to start winning these tournaments if I want to be the best. I take no positives from losing. In the end I should have been tighter in the last frame, but the way he pots balls under pressure, I don’t think there’s anyone else who would even take those balls on, not even Ronnie O’Sullivan. I think he’s probably the most calm under pressure in the game.

“I thought I was unlucky to lose in the end. He played really well in the last four or five frames, but after I made that clearance at 12-11 you just want that chance. He twitched a red in the last frame but left it safe. He plays some amazing snooker at times, where you can’t play against him. I just stuck in there and you’ve got to get the luck against him. Time and time again it just doesn’t happen.”

Lolllllll. Ronnie mention.

Re: Betfred World Championship (Wed May 2nd) Quarter-Finals

Postby Ayrshirebhoy

Cloud Strife wrote:
Iranu wrote:Well yeah, being a media hussy doesn't make him any different from any other politician haha.

But he thinks it's ok to use the word "ch*nky" for a Chinese meal, and said he would feel uneasy living next to Romanian neighbours, for example.

He doesn't even try to hide his xenophobia, so I'm not using the term lightly. His former party essentially built their platform on it.

When I read what he said about people using chinky to describe a Chinese meal I laughed because there used to be a prominent member on here who did that very thing. I don't agree with the description, but he's right to point out a lot of people use the term "chinky" without batting an eyelid, rightly or wrongly.

Also he didn't build his party on xenophobia, he built it on anti-immigration and anti-EU policies. Of course to his detractors his policies will be seen as xenophobic and racist. His supporters will see him as a patriot and a pragmatist. I'm probably somewhere in the middle.

Almost everyone in my part of Scotland calls it a Chinky and that’s ok. Because that’s what we call a Chinese takeaway, nothing else. Take the y away and replace it with s and you have an offensive term.

Re: Betfred World Championship (Wed May 2nd) Quarter-Finals

Postby Dan-cat

Holden Chinaski wrote:
Badsnookerplayer wrote:Over the years, Higgins has had Trump more times than Stormy Daniels.


Very good BSP.

I just about understand the joke (I avoid all news/current affairs) because of what others talk about on Twitter.

That was a brilliant match.... loved it!!


Alfie Burden @ABOFLONDON 12 hours ago

Surprised Higgins doesn't waddle when he walks his nuts are that big.