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Betway UK Championship Semi-Finals !!!!!

Postby Andre147

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Tuesday 28th of November ~ Sunday 10th of December at the York, Barbican

Semi-finals day, its Stephen Maguire in a repeat of the 2007 Finao v Ronnie O'Sullivan, and Shaun Murphy v Ryan Day.

Who shall book their place in the Final and one match away from the prestigious UK title?


Ryan Day v Shaun Murphy
Ronnie O'Sullivan v Stephen Maguire




Re: Betway UK Championship Semi-Finals !!!!!

Postby Holden Chinaski

SnookerFan wrote:To the Ronnie fans who were glad he avoided Hawkins.

What do you make of Mags as an opponent?

I think Mags can be dangerous but I still see Ronnie winning. Could be a great match, could be close. Maguire's playing good and is definitely dangerous.

But, if Ronnie starts playing his A game he could easily steamroll Mags as well.

Re: Betway UK Championship Semi-Finals !!!!!

Postby Chalk McHugh

As usual,bit worried when Ronnie about to play in a major semi final.If the Ronnie that played so poorly v Akani turns up well it will be lights out for a 6th UK title.And the start is vital.Go a couple of early frames behind and it's an uphill task.

Maguire well capable of winning today.If Ronnie is put under big pressure i'd fear the wheels coming off akin to how he mentally froze v the Thai.I wouldn't be one bit surprised if he lost today but i'm hoping Ronnie's table nous and superior break building will see him first over the finishing line.A nervy 6-4.

Re: Betway UK Championship Semi-Finals !!!!!

Postby Andre147

Holden Chinaski wrote:I have a feeling we might see some vintage Ronnie today. I'm talking A game Rocket. :mosh2:

We saw A game Ronnie yesterday in the first 3 frames, then he couldnt quite continue that great standard.

We wont get a tighter Ronnie win than that Akani match thats for sure. As long as he win its allright. I think 6-4 Ronnie today. I'm predicting a similar match to his Ants encounter at the English Open.