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Re: 888sport European Masters Last 64 plus Heldover Matches

Postby TheSaviour

Anthony is now the Scottish No1. In my mind. An extremely solid progress, AND he has that top gear now. The best they have. Can´t see John with his daring style anymore overtaking him.

He can well even beat Selby too.

Stuart :D :D :D :D :D He is the most dangerous one now.

I am the first one to admit Mark Selby is a pure class. He can produce the standards the others just can´t at all. But he might well be a heavily doped up.. He is. 10 cups of coffee before the show. You really need to give the credit to the ones who makes that happen.

9/10 Monday. 9/10 Wednesday. And so on. What is he doing?? Well, he is producing some kind of a intellectual masterclasses. He has an every right to do so. Even it is a slightly confusion where do he gets that all.

Just can´t write Mark Williams off either. It is a slightly surprising he plays that well. A laid back - masterclasses. Judd is a bit same. Judd stays on collision course with Selby. Mark Williams is leading the charge of the old generation now. With Ronnie and John well behind him now, currently. Even when John do gets an odd deep run every now and then. And Ronnie very likely can do the same also.

PRRRRR... Is it Sam Baird? Is this a perfectly normal situation currently? Yes, it is. :bump1: Oh, f.... off. I would very likely benefit if it wouldn´t. But what can you say what can you do.