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Re: Paul Hunter Classic

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Shaun Murphy and Neal Foulds on commentary.

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Badsnookerplayer wrote:
SnookerFan wrote:I've just been on a steam train.


The Bluebell Railway.

Sheffield Parkway to East Grinstead. And back again.

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I thought I would had posted that during his match against Ken but I got late. rofl rofl rofl

But thanks to the his 2005 World Title he has a massive fan base. Also.. Even when people don´t mind talking about it. But the style he won it.. The people and the fans are not just going to change their minds back like that, even when a very much always bluffing. So it is a years to come to him. And he has been managed to develop his game further. These days he is an exciting player. A best of 7s specialist.

Someone should buy me a few pints thanks to the work I have been doing with him.

I think he has a 3 or 4 a very good springs still left trying to make it to happen. If he makes it again, it is a perfectly fine. He is right up there standards-wise. Who knows, perhaps he and Mark Selby are going to switch the roles soon. Me being a betting man already for ages so I know a stuff like these. I would just fancy an another world title to him.

Scores of players here just can´t pot a ball, never mind constructing a break of an any size, figuring out the maths it would take or having the self-control to construct a break. So Shaun has an easy, easy route.

So finally some sensible results, a valid stuff. It is finally all settled to SNOOKERFAN now.

I once again thought quite a long time if I can post something like this. But everyone once again seeing just a one colour, the colour of the shirt Shaun is wearing, I decided to have a go with it.
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Re: Paul Hunter Classic

Postby Deewee

Very enjoyable game this Selby-Holt, probably will end up the best of the tournament

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Badsnookerplayer wrote:Oliver Lines :?

Should be doing better.....

Make him write Lines.

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Big-butt wrote:
Badsnookerplayer wrote:Swail 3-1 up on Selby

Some good stuff from Selby to win the match.... <ok>

Think he was just giving the Outlaw a start

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Has anybody noticed that if you close your eyes when Lewis Hamilton speaks,he sounds like Stephen Hendry?