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Re: EverGrande China Championship Last 16 !!!

Postby TheSaviour


I thought I would post that during the match. Not that I knew he was going to win. But got late.

A great win still.

And our boy, Kyren Wilson, is already in the enemy country, in Germany, to get used to the condions. Hopefully that wrong mentality is now being changed.. That´s we all are awaited for. The mid-europeans have the gritty and inspired Luca Brecel but that´s all. Hopefully Kyren has managed to promote the correct things over there. It´s all about the mentality is being changed considering everybody, everyones´s mentality and approach, and that´s exactly why it works. If that´s the case now. Everything has already been as it always should be, so the problem just has been too many unhappy faces. So hopefully the approach is now corrected.

Hopefully Graeme knocks out Ronnie. Well Ronnie can play too but his playing style here just hasn´t been something I really would be up to. Even when obviously basically almost rampant when being given the oppurtunity. Hopefully Graeme will make Ronnie to break-build more good than he now has. At least Graeme´s toys won´t get out of the window too easily. Which perhaps wasn´t the case with Sam Baird or with David Gilbert.

Re: EverGrande China Championship Last 16 !!!

Postby Cloud Strife

Dan-cat wrote:
SnookerFan wrote:I wonder who weighs more now. Murphy or Maguire?

Are you proposing they do a weigh-in like in boxing?

They should do that because Snooker and Boxing are very alike.