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Re: Coral Snooker Shoot Out!!!

Postby Sickpotter

With the one frame format how can players get in a rhythm?

If players can't find a rhythm the odds of seeing frame winning breaks is extremely low.

Ridiculous this is ranking :-(

Re: Coral Snooker Shoot Out!!!

Postby Andre147

Pink Ball wrote:I remember they had a best-of-3 ranking event a few years ago and it was actually excellent entertainment. Also, the best players were consistently coming out on top because the matches were under the cosh from the start. It was good as a stand-alone event, obviously wouldn't be pushing for it to become the norm like best-of-7s have.

Is this a joke Pinks? :roll:

can't remember a Best of 3 ranker... the least is that Best of 5 in 2010.

Re: Coral Snooker Shoot Out!!!

Postby SnookerFan

Pink Ball wrote:Sorry, I meant best-of5s, it was the world open.

The World Open that year was a lot of things. But excellent entertainment it was not.