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Rank the 16 qualifiers

Postby QSM

Who would the seeds like to avoid, and who wouldn't they mind drawing? You are welcome to add your explanation as to why you rank player X higher than player Y but lower than player Z.

From most tough to least tough, here goes:

1) Maguire
2) Gould
3) Dott
4) Bingtao
5) Guodong
6) Yuelong
7) Carrington
8) G. Wilson
9) Ford
10) Ebdon
11) Brecel
12) J. Robertson
13) Grace
14) O'Brien (i think he'll win, sadly, and my battery is running out so need to post this already)
15) Saengkham
16) Mcleod

I have factored in ranking, this seasons form, performance in the qualifiers, (crucible) experience and obviously talent.

Re: Rank the 16 qualifiers

Postby vodkadiet

1. Dott
2. Maguire
3. Bingtao
4. Yuelong
5. Brecel
6. Saengkham
7. Gould
8. O'Brien

The rest are about equal, and none of them have any chance, even of beating Ryan Day!

Re: Rank the 16 qualifiers

Postby chengdufan

1. Gould
2. Maguire
3. Yan BT
4. Ford
5. Dott
6. Carrington
7. Brecel
8. O'Brien
9. Xiao GD
10. Zhou YL
11. J Robertson
12. G Wilson
13. Ebdon
14. Saengkham
15. Grace
16. McLeod

I think this ranks their likelihood of winning. In terms of who the top 16 would like to face though, I think it's a different story. For example, I think a T16 player would rather play Robertson than Ebdon or McLeod.
I think any of the top 12 on my list are capable of winning their opening match

Re: Rank the 16 qualifiers

Postby Tamctus

Can't see Dott making a difference in Crucible. He's been very poor all season and I don't expect that form to change now.

1. Maguire
2. Xiao
3. Gould
4. Wilson
5. Brecel
6. Zhou
7. Yan
8. Dott
9. Robertson
10. Carrington
11. Ebdon
12. Ford
13. O'Brien
14. Saengkham
15. McLeod
16. Grace

Re: Rank the 16 qualifiers

Postby Skullman

I'd say Dott and Maguire have the best chance of beating their seeds. Guodong might have a decent shot at Day, not sure how he'd cope with being a seed again, hasn't been one at the Crucible since 2010.

Ebdon has a chance, especially if Bingo is not at his best. Luca could have a chance. If Fu plays like he has done for a lot of this season, then Fu wins, but if not... Don't think Zhou will trouble Ding too much. Carrington might have a shout. He looked very solid, which might help him as Liang can be a bit erratic. Think Higgins has the edge on Gould. Look like best candidates for a 'shock' to me.

Re: Rank the 16 qualifiers

Postby KrazeeEyezKilla

There are a few players I'd have given Dott a good chance against but Carter has won his last ten first round games which have included some fairly though draws in recent years. Plus like Dott he does well at the Crucible but his general form is much better.

Re: Rank the 16 qualifiers

Postby nice_shoes_ken

1) Maguire - Purely because of his ranking & draw.
2) Gould - Can cause anybody problems.
3) Dott - Not great nowadays but usually saves his best for the Crucible.
4) Bingtao - The lad everyone is talking about, interesting to see how he does.
5) Guodong - Not been at his best in recent seasons, on his day though a quality player.
6) Carrington - Underrated
7) Yuelong - Serious potential, tough draw though
8) Brecel - Only shown his potential in flashes but we know what he's capable of at his best
9) Ebdon - Don't expect him to beat Bingham but will list him this high because of experience.
10) G.Wilson - Played well in qualifying
11) Grace - Being in Yorkshire might give him confidence
12) J.Robertson - An ok draw against Mark Allen
13) Ford - Tough draw against Mr Consistent
14) Saengkham - Can't see him doing anything against Robbo.
15) O'Brien - Bore off
16) McLeod - Sleepy time

Re: Rank the 16 qualifiers

Postby GJ

Maguire being overrated as usual