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Bank of Beijing China Open Semi Finals !!!!

Postby Wildey

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Monday 27th of March ~ Sunday 2nd of April at Students Gymnasium, Beijing, China

Hossein Vafeei has reached the Semi Final of a proffesional tournament for the first time beating form man Judd Trump in the Quarter Final and will Play Mark Williams who needs to win the tournament to avoid qualifying for the World Championship.

In the other match is 2015 Shanghai Masters Champion Kyren Wilson who has reached his 4th Ranking semi final and will be up against twice and defending World Champion Mark Selby

Who will reach the Final?


Semi Finals

Hossein Vafeei v Mark Williams Never played before
Kyren Wilson v Mark Selby Selby leads 4-1





Re: Bank of Beijing China Open Semi Finals !!!!

Postby SnookerFan


As suspected, I am out all day Sunday. Despite my attempts to get out of it.

Going to try and fit in some snooker watching, but can't promise anything.

God, if I can't get some time to myself during The Crucible I may go on a murderous rampage.

Re: Bank of Beijing China Open Semi Finals !!!!

Postby Andre147

SnookerFan wrote:I'm hoping for a Selby vs Williams final.

We'll probably end up getting Vafeei vs Wilson, knowing my luck.

Selby v MJW would be great, plus MJW has a pretty good record against Selby, so he would definately stand a decent chance of beating him.

I doubt Wilson will beat Selby to be honest, but MJW losing to Vafeei wouldn't surprise me purely because MJW is so erractic these days from one match to the other.

Of course, MJW winning would be great, my 2nd favourite player and deserves at least one more ranking event win after all his heartbreaking losses in recent years.

Re: Bank of Beijing China Open Semi Finals !!!!

Postby Vallomas

Vafaei is my favourite young player, but I don't mind if he loses today as Williams is one of my favourite top players.

I think that winnning a second big name in the row will be too much for Hossein, so I see MJW in the final.