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Re: Coral Welsh Open Final !!!!!

Postby Alex0paul

Alex0paul wrote:This is going the distance

Good to see we are back to the traditional Welsh Open FFD

Re: Coral Welsh Open Final !!!!!

Postby Pink Ball

snooker_loopy wrote:I think this might be worst quality ranking event final I've ever seen. Such low scoring, so little decent positional play. This is the worst ever!!!!! :-D

May I present to you the 2004 Players' Championship Final between Paul Hunter and Jimmy White? Pure shitbucket of a final.

Re: Coral Welsh Open Final !!!!!

Postby Alex0paul

snooker_loopy wrote:Trump:

"Stuart back to his best."

If that's his best, I'd hate to see his worst!!!!!!!!!

HA HA!!!!

I saw him lose 10-2 to Stuart Pettman in a World Qualifier once

Re: Coral Welsh Open Final !!!!!

Postby TheRocket

My biggest mistake was in 2011 when I thought Trump could really reach the level and heights of Ronnie O'Sullivan and John Higgins.

But he's just turned out to be a Jimmy White in disguise. Even though I have to admit that Jimmy at least has bottled it against Hendry. Trump does it against Bingham. He's the reason Bingham can call himself a World Champion and now a Welsh Open Champion.