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Re: Ladbrokes World Grand Prix Final !!!!

Postby SnookerFan

Pink Ball wrote:Whether people like it or not, Hawkins has been a serious contender for titles for about five years now - far too long to be dismissed.

Stuart Bingham was a deserving world champion two years ago, and Hawkins is even more consistent and ultimately a better player. I would not be surprised if he won the world title this year, and right now I'd only rate Selby and Sullivan as more likely winners.

He's a great break builder, has a strong safety game, and he's very consistent. They're the three of the four main ingredients you need to be a World Champion, and the guy definitely has them.

The only question mark is bottle, but it was arguably the same with Bingham once upon a time.

I'd agree with this.

As people pointed out, he beat Ronnie in a multi-session match last year at The Crucible, so he's no mug.

The one thing I didn't like to see was how nervous he looked, when he needed one more frame last night. That would be my question mark at The Crucible. Would he be able to finish the job if he made it close to the winning line?

Re: Ladbrokes World Grand Prix Final !!!!

Postby masterdoctorgenius

So guys, couldnt watch the final but by the looks of things Hawkins delivered. He surprises me everytime. Everytime I think he is done and dusted after the tough setbacks he fights back stronger. Great asset to have. I will totally respect him from now on and never underestimate him. Heavy scorer great saftey, overall a great allround game when on song. Still underrated but his snooker does the talk. And his draw was one of the toughest. Well deserved and congratz Barry.

Day, your day (hehehe) will come. Showed great form and I hope he keeps it.