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F66.Com German Masters Quarter Finals !!!!!

Postby Wildey

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Wednesday 1st ~ Sunday 5th of February at Tempodrom, Berlin

World Champion Mark Selby is out the draw opens up for Ali Carter, Stuart Bingham, Barry Hawkins and defending Champion Martin Gould but can 16 year ol Yan Bingtao steal the show in Berlin?


Quarter Finals

Martin Gould v Ryan Day Gould leads 4-2
Tom Ford v Allister Carter Carter leads 2-0
Stuart Bingham v Yan Bingtao Bingham leads 2-1
Barry Hawkins v Anthony Hamilton Hawkins leads 2-0




Re: F66.Com German Masters Quarter Finals !!!!!

Postby Iranu

SnookerFan wrote:First post.

Post that hurts the most.

Hardly had a chance to see any of this tournament, hopefully that changes this weekend because I've always thought this was one of the better tournaments on the calendar. Relatively unique format without sacrificing match length.

I don't even know who the form players are of the tournament. All I've seen are flashes of Selby's matches and the last three frames of Carter's win.

Everything else I know about it I've gleened from you guys.

Re: F66.Com German Masters Quarter Finals !!!!!

Postby Cloud Strife

Coland wrote:My friend Snookertipster and I were talking to Selbo on social media site twooter after the game, and even though he was beaten he was in good spitits.

I would take the result with a pinch of salt. I wouldn't bet on him being beaten at the crucible, let's put it that way.

Name-dropper. :td: