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Re: Coral Scottish Open Quarter Finals !!!!!!

Postby Holden Chinaski

Cloud Strife wrote:One of the all-time great posts on Snooker Island.

I wonder what happened to Poolboy. He seemed to disappear suddenly. Did the waves finally claim his little island in the Shetlands?

This was his last post:
PoolBoy wrote:This forum has really 'jumped the shark'!
Have the 'mods' not realised that the supposed 'new' poster, 'badsnookerplayer' is simply a 'sock account' of a current spammer - it's SO obvious!

Roland - close it down - it's run its course.
I'm done with it.....


Re: Coral Scottish Open Quarter Finals !!!!!!

Postby Pink Ball

Dan-cat wrote:I just sent him a PM. Maybe he was embarrassed at the strength of this accusation and the fact he got it wrong.

The multiple accounts thing is really annoying, I still doubt every new joiner for a bit.

You should just stick with a joiner you trust.