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Coral Northern Ireland Open Semi Finals !!!!!!

Postby Wildey

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Monday 14th ~ Sunday 20th of November at Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast

Mark King in his first semi final since 2011 trying to get in to his first final since ***wait for it*** 2004 Irish Masters, can he overturn Kyren Wilson and the form book to do it once again.

and Anthony Hamilton last Semi Final was the 2009 Welsh Open and last final the 2002 China Open where he came so close to beat Mark Williams.

Will the form book be torn apart and King and Hamilton contest the final or will Top 16 players Barry Hawkins and Kyren Wilson spoil the Party?


Semi Finals

Mark King v Kyren Wilson Tied at 1-1
Barry Hawkins v Anthony Hamilton Hawkins leads 1-0




Re: Coral Northern Ireland Open Semi Finals !!!!!!

Postby Iranu

Cloud Strife wrote:Would much rather have seen HVA here than journeyman King.

Agreed. Also he walks like he's recovering from vindaloo poops.

Re: Coral Northern Ireland Open Semi Finals !!!!!!

Postby Cheshire Cat

I can't decide between Hawkins and Hamilton.

I think Hawkins has a very good chance of winning the whole thing, but still, I love the way Anthony plays. Good to see the older players going for their shots and getting them.

Re: Coral Northern Ireland Open Semi Finals !!!!!!

Postby TheSaviour

Mark Allen arrested by the Sheriff of Pottingham.

I still see a tiny mistakes and flaws. But the good thing is that the game is again heading into the right direction. Anyone can be a fan of any player WITHOUT giving any explonations why he or she prefers that particular player. That´s how well things used to be. Now lots of fans are again admitting that they don´t have clue why they do what they do. Just doing what feels right. And to have a go of making things better.

I certainly won´t rest my case before we are back there where we used to be. I try to get rid of those tiny mistakes, and having the main predictions correct again, day in day out. I am certainly never been a one who would be happy just to predict something right and then being an arrogant person to stating that. Of how right I was. Nooooo... Just as noooooo when yesterday Mark Williams failed to take that final chance against Kyren. But always goinging forward. If I can cut off those mistakes and flaws then I can die as a happy and proud man.

The problem I see with Kyren right now is that is he going to burned out now just before the UK. It starts on Tuesday. Ronald and John were er "lucky" to escape this. Obviously they did their maximum effort to and were gutted after being defeated. But their motivation very likely wasn´t 100% to go all the way here. But still they did their best to win. Higgins and O´Sullivan felt they failed to raise the roof here. In terms of suprising the current a very, very top players. Which is something fans are always looking forward, even when just reading the results. And they felt they let their fans down. Kyren looked exhausted during his World´s run (just as looked Selby). But they still managed to fall over the line.

Any Mark King fans out here?? Haha.

Re: Coral Northern Ireland Open Semi Finals !!!!!!

Postby Vallomas

A Wilson vs Hawkins final would be good, but I really want to see Anthony Hamilton there. I love his playing style and his calm attitude and maybe this is his last chance for a ranking title.

Re: Coral Northern Ireland Open Semi Finals !!!!!!

Postby kolompar

I thought King and Hamilton would play each other. It's not that bad then, we can still have a good final but still these two reaching the semis would have been a shock even when they were both in the top 16.