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Betway United Kingdom Championship Quarter Finals !!!!

Postby Wildey

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Tuesday 22nd of November ~ Sunday 4th of December at the York, Barbican

The Quarter finalist has 14 World Title between them in 19 years but in the mix is two players that reaching the latter stages is few and far between Luca Brecel and Jamie Jones in only their 4th Quarter final of a ranking event.

Two Matches stand out Mark Selby v John Higgins meeting for the first time in the UK Championship and Mark Williams v Ronnie O'Sullivan they have met twice in the UK Championship 2000 and 2001 win apiece.

Who will reach the semi Finals?


Quarter Finals

Mark J Williams v Ronnie O'Sullivan O'Sullivan leads 29-11
Jamie Jones v Marco Fu tied at 2-2
Luca Brecel v Shaun Murphy Murphy leads 3-2
John Higgins v Mark Selby Selby leads 11-8





Re: Betway United Kingdom Championship Quarter Finals !!!!

Postby Andre147

Higgins v Selby should be a great match, always are. I favour Selby on this one, he always seems to win non-multi-session matches between the two.

I expect MJW to compete with Ronnie, but in the end Ron may have too much for him, 6-3 or 6-4 there.

Re: Betway United Kingdom Championship Quarter Finals !!!!

Postby Andre147

Fu v Jones is toss of a coin for me, Fu hasn't played well in this tournament for me to make him favourite.

Brecel v Murphy a repeat of their 2012 match which ended 6-5, and this one might well end in a similar way.

Re: Betway United Kingdom Championship Quarter Finals !!!!

Postby TheSaviour

SnookerFan wrote:
Dan-cat wrote:Come on then.


No need to be a clown. See, there was a great match yesterday between Mark J Williams and Liam Highfield. Mark was seemingly delighted after his win for the first time for a long, long time. And for a reason. Liam was playing some superb stuff. Exceptional difficult pots. It is just a matter of a time before he gets it all clicking. Which maybe even isn´t that much good.. Because then he might lose the passions, feeling and drive he now has. He looked extremely emotional after losing his 5-4 lead to crash out 5-6. But he certainly has joined the large establishment. Being there as one of the very difficult player to beat. To anyone. He looks slightly the same as one of my mate lol. Handsome little b.........Mark probably thought about the Masters, where he now will be certainly, but obviously he was delighted managing to to beat such a player. Sometimes, or even many times, it is just a matter of a day who has the best form and is the favourite to win the match. A bitter disappointed to Stephen Maguire also, as he just wasn´t good enough against the classy and tenacious Luca Brecel. But I am sure Stephen has already got over it. I was lucky to won some.. But my form; posting form and playing form as a hobby pool player has been solidly good again lately. I don´t even wan´t it to be too good because then you can easily lose it and you can´t crack it. Who knows, maybe I will start posting more regularly now once again. Usually I feel too busy to write these posts.

Mark "the Marvellous" Williams was playing some really amazing tactics combining attack and defence. That could well be too much to Ronnie today. It might just be a matter of a day. Rooting for a Ronnie here. And let´s see if Mark Selby can stamp his authority against the in-form John Higgins now as a reigning World Champion and as the supreme World Number 1 and widely regarded as the man who caused Stephen Hendry to retire from the sport after so convingly beating him many times on the trot.

Re: Betway United Kingdom Championship Quarter Finals !!!!

Postby Cloud Strife

DAY 9 TABLE - 120/127

309 OoNebsoO 91/18
289 Cloud Strife 83/20
288 king.kauto 86/15
279 TheCleaver 83/15
279 eraserhead 81/18
273 Aris147 81/15
266 sundaygirl 78/16
262 kolompar 78/14
259 PLtheRef 79/11
251 Andre147 77/10
216 Wildey 64/12
196 SnookerFan 60/8
85 Oasis147 25/5