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Will Ronnie O'Sullivan ever beat John Higgins in a multi session match again?

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Will ROS ever beat Higgins in a multi session match again?

Postby TheRocket

Cloud Strife had a thread about whether Ronnie would ever beat Michael Holt again. That probably was more of a funny thread. This one though might be more realistic. Cuz Ronnie hasnt beaten Higgins in a multi session match since a decade.

That famous Masters 2005 final was the last one.

Since then he lost 6 bucking multi session matches to Higgins. (Grand Prix 05,Masters 06, WC 07, UK 09, WC 11, COC 16)

Thats quite remarkable. Wild has posted the Multi session H2H between ROS and Higgins in the COC final thread. It was 10:10, now 11:10 Higgins obviously. That means, Ronnie was 10:5 ahead at one stage. Holy crap. Things have changed.

What do you think?

Re: Will ROS ever beat Higgins in a multi session match agai

Postby TheRocket

Cloud Strife wrote:I think Ronnie definitely can beat Higgins in a 4 session match, less likely in a 2 session match.

Obviously for a 4 session match to happen they'd have to meet in the semi or final of the WC. Hope that happens this year.

Like it is with Holt. It might never happen. Not many multi session matches these days, so it might be impossible to answer. The only thing you can maybe say is that ROS at least won their most important multi session match. The 2001 World Final. And it's not just that important because its the world final.

But it has made all the difference in who the 5 time and who the 4 time World Champ is. So that match effectively is the key reason why Ronnie will probably enter the history books as the greater player.

Re: Will ROS ever beat Higgins in a multi session match agai

Postby SnookerFan

Iranu wrote:I'm not convinced they'll even play a multi-session match again.

That was the first time in a while, wasn't it?

It wasn't long ago that we were discussing Higgins not being half the player he used to be.

In the era of best if sevens, who says they'll play in a multi-session again?