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If Anyone Has DVDs for These Matches for Trade? : )

Postby Circle2010_

Hello :)

I've seen many DVD trade posts around, but they're too old; it's also hard for me to get contacted with these people who post them. Because of all that, I came up with a list of matches that my friends and I would like to watch and those which did not exist on the internet.

1. John Higgins's & Ronnie O'Sullivan's Crucible Debut against McManus
2. 1999 Masters Final
3. 1994 Masters Final (completed, the one on Youtube is not completed)
4. 1994 Dubai Classics Final & Semi-Final (McManus vs Hendry)
5. 1996 Thailand Open Final
6. 2003 UK Championship Last 32 McManus vs Dale
7. 1994 Masters Semi-Final McManus vs Foulds
8. 1998 WSC Final
9. 1999 WSC Semi-Final (Higgins vs Williams)
10. 1994 Grand Prix Final
11. 1998 UK Championship Final
12. 2000 Masters Final
13. 2000 UK Championship Final
14. 1996 World Cup Final
15. 1992 WSC Quarter Final McManus vs Parrott
16. 2001 Masters Final
17. 1992 WSC semi White vs McManus
18. 1993 WSC semi Hendry vs McManus
19. 2003 LG Cup semi Davis vs McManus
20. 1990 UK Championship quarter White vs McManus

If anyone has any of them listed above (as complete as possible XD), please contact me with my email ( or PM me, so we can talk about the deal.



P.s. As you can see I'm a McManus fan (yeah this group of species existed on the earth lol), therefore if you got any chance have any of his earlier matches not listed in the list you can also PM me XD).

P.P.s. yup if anyone by any chance have any of the Big Breaks episodes with Alan, any of a question of sports with him, and/or the 1993 Big Breaks Christmas special, please also give me a shout : )