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Extensive list of snooker dvd's 1980-2011

Postby rkidcd25

Hi everyone
i'm new to the forum & thought i'd share my list of snooker dvd's. They're available for sale or trade. As you'll see from the list i'm a Stephen Hendry fan ;)

Stephen Hendry matches

Junior Pot Black QF V N Pearce D219
SF V S Ventham D219

Scottish professional Final v M. Gibson D1

Embassy world championship R1 V W Thorne (session 1) D220

Langs Scottish masters R2 V J White D253

Rothmans Grand prix QF V J White D254 Also D490
R3 V B Chaperon D459

Rothmans Grand Prix QF V T Knowles D469
SF V J Parrott D469
FL V D Taylor (session 1) D470
Presentation & interview D478

Embassy world champs. Q.FV J Johnson (session 3) D475 Also D484

Fidelity Trusts international R4 V N Foulds D475 Also D484

Mercantile classic R3 V S. Francisco (1 frame) D482
R4 V D. Fowler D488
S.F V S. Davis D487

Scottish professional Final v M.Macleod D2

Tennents UK championship Semi fl v S.Davis D3
Final v D Mountjoy D379, D380

MIM Britannia british open Final v M.Hallett D463
QF V J White D458

Embassy world R2 V J White D489, D490

Mercantile Classic R3 V S.Francisco D491
QF V S.Davis D491

Stormseal UK Final v S. Davis D373, D374

Benson & Hedges masters Semi final v S. Davis D4

Benson & Hedges Irish masters Final V A Higgins D221

Rothmans Grand Prix R5 V D.Mountjoy

Embassy world S.F V S Davis D381, D382
QF V T Griffiths (I frame only 141 break) D455

555 Asian open Final v J Wattana (final frames) D462
Stormseal UK Final v S Davis D493, D494

Embassy World Semi Final V J.Parrott (incomplete) D487
Final V J.White D7, D8

Benson &Hedges Masters Final v J. Parrott D9

World Matchplay Semi Final v S. Davis D5
Final v J.White D478

Rothmans centenary challenge v S.Davis D6

Snooker/pool challenge Hendry/Fisher v mizerak/mataya D239
Hendry v Mizerak D239

Continental London Masters Q.F V M.Clark D380

Dubai classic Final v S.Davis* (final frames) D462
QF V M Hallett D494

Rothmans Grand Prix R4 V P Francisco D582

European open (Lyon) S.F V S.Davis D488
Final V J .Parrott D492
Rothmans Grand Prix Final v S Davis D13

Benson & Hedges masters Final v M.Hallett D10

Pearl British open Semi final v S .Davis D455
Final v G. Wilkinson D14

Mercantile classic QF V T Drago D222
Final v J White D240

555 Challenge (India) FL V J Parrott D493
SF V S Davis D458

U.K Championship R3 V M.Clark (session 1) D582
Q.F V T. Drago (session 1) D481

World Championship Final v J White D185A, D185B, D186

match room league Final v S.Davis D12

Benson & Hedges masters R1 V M.Clark D323 also D459
final v J. Parrott D11

Embassy world R2 V J Wattana (final session) D255 Also D490

Dubai classic Final v J Parrott D377

Mercantile classic Q.F V M. Clark D323 Also D486
Final v S Davis D456

B&H Irish masters Final v K Doherty (session 1) D462

Sky Sports International Open R3 V P Ebdon D66
Qf v A McManus D66
Final v S Davis D17 also D460

Dubai Classic Final v S Davis (136 break) Final Frame D18
QF V J Birch D461

Benson & Hedges Irish masters QF V N Bond D65

European Open Final v R O’Sullivan (Final Frame) D65

Asian Open R1 144 Break v Dave Finbow D18
R2 v J Woodman D65

World championship Final v J White D15 also D457, D458
R2 V D Morgan (final frame) D199
QF V N Bond (final 2 frames) D199

Royal liver UK Championship R3 V M Clark (session 2) D484

Benson & Hedges Masters Final v J Wattana D206

Pot Black- R2 V G.Wilkinson (1 frame match) D456
QF V T Griffiths (1 frame match) D382

World Championship S.F v S. Davis D175, D176
Final v J White D187A, D187B, D188

Regal Masters- Q.F v J White D71
S.F. v S Davis D71

European Snooker League- Final v J Parrott D77, D78

Skoda Grand Prix- R.3- v R Lawler D72

Dubai Classic- Q.F v K Doherty D72
S.F v A McManus D72

European Open (Wire TV) S.F v R O’Sullivan D16
F v J Parrott D16

UK Championship R3 v W Thorne D19
Q.F. v D Morgan D20
S.F v P Ebdon D21
F v K. Doherty D22

International open R3 V T Drago (frame 1 only, failed 147)

B&H Masters Final v A Mcmanus D376
R2 V D.Morgan

World Championship- R1 v S Mazrocis D23
R2 v T Drago D24
Q.F v R O’Sullivan D25, D26
S.F v J White D27, D28
F v N Bond D29, D30

B & H Masters- R2 v N Bond D82
Q.F v P Ebdon D82

Doctor Martens European League v A McManus D80
v J Parrott D405
V S. Davis D143, Also D405
v J White D406
v R O’Sullivan (146 break) D80
Semi v J White D233
Final v K Doherty D234

Sweater Shop International Open R1 v M Johnston-Allen D81
R1 (J White v N Bond) D81

Castella British Open R1 v M Judge D154
R2 v D Henry (145 break) D151
R3 v P Francisco D152

Regal Welsh R2 V C. Small D82

Regal Masters Q.F v N Bond D296
S.F v D Morgan D69 also D70
F v P Ebdon D111

German Open R2 v T Drago D42
Q.F v R Lawler D144
S.F v K Doherty D105

Thailand Open R1 v M Williams D505

Skoda Grand Prix R2 v D Morgan D113
QF v F O’Brien D113
SF v S James D114
F v J Higgins (first meeting) D183, D184

Royal Liver UK R3 v G Wilkinson (147 break) D31
QF v K Doherty D33, D34
SF v J Higgins D32
F v P Ebdon D35, D36

Liverpool Victoria charity challenge S.F V A.Mcmanus D478

Worthing Charity Event ( SKY Sport)
8 Man charity tournament featuring White, O’Sullivan, Higgins,Taylor, Hallett,Ebdon,,Fisher,Hendry D143

Lowen Euro Doubles Pro-am

Hendry / M Burot v P Ebdon/ T Price D169
Hendry/burot v d. morgan/de jong D169

World Championship R1 v J Ferguson D37, D38
R2 v G Wilkinson D41
QF v D Morgan D39
SF v N Bond D39, D40
F v P Ebdon D179, D180, D181, D182

Castrol Honda World Team Cup SF Scotland v Thailand (1 frame only) D178
SF England v Rep Ireland D178
F Scotland V Rep Ireland D178

B & H Masters R2 v J Higgins D68
QF v J White (487 unanswered points) D57
SF v A McManus D57
F v R O’ Sullivan D59, D60

Doctor Martens European Leaguev S Davis D415
v P Ebdon D63
v J Parrott D412
V K Doherty D411
v J White D412

Sweater Shop International Open R1 v B Rowswell D141

UK Championship R2 v A Hamilton D64
QF v P Hunter D53
SF v A McManus D54
F v J Higgins D45, D46

British Open R1 v T Murphy D276
R2 V J Swail D306
QF V N Bond D306

Regal Masters QF v A McManus D142

German open QF v R O’Sullivan D287

World Championship
R1 v A Hicks D47
R2 v M Williams D49, D50
QF v D Morgan D48
SF v J Wattana D51, D52
F v K Doherty (sessions 1& 2) D89,D90

B & H Masters R2 v B Morgan D157
QF v R O’Sullivan D193

International Open R1 v E Henderson D191
R2 v G Wilkinson D192
R3 v C Small D300
QF v J White D311
SF v P Ebdon D308
F v T Drago D259

British Open R1 v K Broughton D367
R2 v P Wykes D368
R3 V P Mcphillips D424
QF v D Harold D332
SF v S Davis D174
F v M Williams D303

Charity Challenge SF v A McManus D75
F v R O’Sullivan (147 break) D76

Doctor Martens European League v R O’Sullivan D389
v J Parrott D391
v J Higgins D390
v J White D391
v S Davis D390
V R O’ Sullivan (league phase 2) D392
SF v K Doherty D301
F v R O’Sullivan D301

Regal Welsh Open QF v T Murphy D215
SF v J Parrott D216
F v M King D217, D218

European Open QF v J Wattana D173

UK Championship R3 v A Hamilton D58
QF v A McManus D61
SF v M Stevens D67
F v R O’Sullivan D62

Regal Masters QF v J Parrott D283

German Open R2 v J White D189
QF v J Parrott D190

World Championship R1 v J White (session 2) (+O’Sullivan 134 break, White 143 break) D265

B & H Masters R2 v S Lee D317
QF v N Bond D318
SF v K Doherty D260, Also D318 (frame 1&2)
F v M Williams (respotted black) D261, D262A, D262B

Regal Scottish R2 v L Griffin D345
R3 v G Wilkinson D346
QF v M Campbell D347

British Open R2 v D Finbow D328
R3 v A Hicks D315
R4 v D Harold D423
QF v J Parrott D316
SF v K Doherty D313
F v J Higgins D309, D310

Grand Prix R2 v D Roe D177
R3 v B Morgan D177
QF v D Harold D177

Regal Masters QF v P Ebdon D112
SF v J Higgins D112

Doctor Martens European League v M Williams D369
v K Doherty D371
v S Davis D370
v R O’Sullivan D372
v J White D371
SF v K Doherty (147 break) D364

German Masters
QF v T Drago D106

Charity Challenge QF v J White D164
Sf v R O’Sullivan D164

World Championship R1 v P Hunter D103, D104
R2 v J Wattana D83, D84
QF v M Stevens D97, D98
SF v R O’Sullivan D55, D56
F v M Williams D93, D94, D95, D96

Regal Scottish R2 v N Pearce D383
R3 v B Morgan D383
QF v A McManus D139
SF v J Higgins D312
F v G Dott D279, D280

B & H Masters R2 v T Drago D125

Grand Prix R2 v G Ponting D208
R3 v N Noppachorn D208
R4 V A Carter D268
(Ronnie o’ Sullivan talks through his 147 v G Dott) D555

UK Championship R3 v S Pettman D101
R4 v P Wykes (147 break) D101
QF v D Harold D99
SF v M Williams D100

Regal Masters QF v J Parrott D194
SF v J Higgins D194

Riley Premier League v J Higgins D126
V S Davis D294

Champions Cup Round Robin
V M Williams D102
V K Doherty D102
V S Lee D102
V S Davis D102
SF v J Higgins D92
F v M Williams D91

British Open (SEPTEMBER) R3 v M Fu D84
R4 v G Dott D385
R5 v N Walker D386
QF v S Lee D290
SF v R O’Sullivan D289
F v P Ebdon (147 break) D263, D264

British Open (APRIL) R1 V J Birch D212
R2 V G Dott D212
R3 V M King D211
QF V A Hamilton D213
(+ G Dott 147 brk ) D358

Nations Cup Scotland V Wales D343
Scotland v England D344
Final- Scotland v Wales D348

Regal Welsh
R3 v M Stevens D334
QF v A Hamilton D136
SF v J Swail D137
(O’Sullivan 147 break)
F v M Williams D277, D278

Grand Prix R2 v B Morgan D270

UK Championship R2 v S Davis (+Quintenn Hann 141 break) D359
R3 v M Judge D360
QF v S Lee D361
SF v J Higgins D362

Benson & Hedges Masters R2 V M. King D483

World Championship R1 v S Bingham D200

Regal Scottish R3 v L Walker* (poor picture at times) D196
(O’Sullivan 147 v Hann)

Regal Masters QF v A McManus D161
SF v K Doherty D161
F v R O’Sullivan D253, D254

British Open R3 v R Milkins D171
QF v A McManus D171

Nations Cup Scotland Matches D121, D122
England v Wales Final D506

Champions Cup v S Lee D350
v K Doherty D350
v M Williams D350
Sf v R. O’ Sullivan D170

Alto Digital Premier League v M Williams D87
v M Fu D87
v S Davis D88
v J White D88 (Also D413)
v R O’Sullivan (500th Career Century) D414
SF v R O’Sullivan D229
F v M Williams D230
World Championship R1 v M Davis D363
R2 v P Hunter D319, D320
QF v M Stevens D402

UK Championship R2 v M Davis D269
QF v M Williams D269

B & H Masters R2 v S Murphy D163
QF v J White D150
SF v P Hunter D162

Rothmans Malta Grand Prix SF v J Higgins D131
F v M Williams (147 break) D132

LG Cup R2 v M Davis (+ O’Sullivan talks through 147) D407
R3 v A McManus D399
QF v M Williams D400
SF v S Lee D399
(O’Sullivan 147 v D Henry)

Coalite Nations Cup Scotland v Malta D165
Wales D165
Thailand D166
SF v Northern Ireland D166
F v Rep Ireland D304

Sporting Bet Premier League v J White D401
v j Higgins D198
v S Davis D403
v R O’Sullivan D403
v M Fu D225
V M Williams D404
SF v M Fu D225
F v R O’Sullivan D172

Regal Masters R1 v J White D149
QF v J Higgins D149

Regal Scottish R2 v A Carter D416

Citywest irish masters SF V M Williams D251
Final v R O’Sullivan D251, D252

World Championship R1 v S Murphy D168
R2 v A Davies D167
QF v K Doherty D73, D74
SF v R O’Sullivan D43A, D43B, D44

LG Cup R2 v T Drago D338
R3 v P Hunter D338

B & H Masters R2 v R Day D197
QF v M Williams D197

City West Irish Masters R2 v F O’Brien D307
QF v J Higgins D339

Regal Masters R1 v M King D209
QF v P Ebdon D214
SF v R O’Sullivan D210

UK Championship R3 v G Dott D207
QF v M Williams D207

Regal Welsh Open R1 v S Davis D203
R2 v J White D202
QF v J Higgins(0-0 to 3-1) D203
SF v K Doherty D201

Regal Scottish Open R2 v T Drago D430
R3 v A Carter D431
QF v D Gray D432

UK Championship R3 v A Carter D145
QF v B Pinches D145
SF v R O’Sullivan D146
F v M Stevens D285, D286

Regal Welsh Open R1 v D Dale D119
R2 v A McManus D119
QF v R Lawler D120
SF v M Fu D231
F v M Williams D227, D228

World Championship R1 v G Wilkinson D365, D366
R2 v D Henry D321, D322
QF V M Williams D349

B & H Masters R1 v M King D232
QF v J White D235
SF v K Doherty (144 break) D236

British Open R2 v D Dale D195
QF v J Higgins D140
SF v M Stevens D256
F v R O’Sullivan D117, D118

Regal Scottish Open R2 V S Davis D410
R3 V D Gray D409

World Championships R1 V S Pettman D337
R2 V B Pinches D393, D394, D395
QF V I Mcculloch D397, D398

Welsh Open R2 v M Selby D333
R3 v J White D353
QF v M Fu D353

Bet Fair Premier League v S Davis D387
v M Williams D387
v P Hunter D388
V M Fu D302
V J Higgins D324
SF v M Williams D355
F v J Higgins D356

British Open R3 v A Carter D138

Players Championship R2 v G Greene D85
R3 v A McManus D86

Grand Prix R1 V J Burnett D295
R2 V R Milkins D295

World Championship R1 v N Robertson D281, D282
R2 v A Hamilton D433, D434
( + M Williams 147 break)

China Open R1 V R Milkins D127
Qf V R Walden D127 (+ Paul Hunter 140 break)
Sf V A Mcmanus D128

Northern Ireland Trophy QF V M Allen D291
SF V A Mcmanus D292

The Masters R1 V S Lee D134

Welsh Open R1 V S Maguire D341
R2 V G Dott D341
QF V K Doherty D341
SF V M King D342

Grand Prix R1 V D Dale D123
R3 V G Greene D123
QF V D Gray D124

UK Championship R2 V J Wattana D421, D422
QF V A Carter D133

Malta Cup R2 v A Hamilton D159
QF v T Ford D159
SF v M Stevens D160
F v G Dott D237, D238

Bet Fred League (FIRST) v M Williams D275
v S Davis D275
V P Hunter D273
V J White D273
V M Fu D274

Bet Fred League (SECOND) V R O’ Sullivan D425
V S Davis D426
V Ding D426
SF V Ding D293


Maplin UK QF V R O’Sullivan (o’sullivan walks out frame 6) D582
SF V G Dott D427, D428
R4 V M Williams D483, D484

Malta Cup R2 V B Pinches D419
QF V J Higgins D420

China Open R1 V B.Hawkins D396


888.Com World Championship R1 V D.Gilbert (session 2) D408

Saga Masters R1 V M Stevens D417
QF V S Murphy D418

Malta Cup R1 V R Milkins D297
R2 V N Robertson D298


888.Com World Championship R1 V M. Allen D581, D582

Betfred world championship R1 v M Williams D109, D110
R2 v D junhui D107, D108
QF 147 v S Murphy (& analysis). D107

Partycasino Premier League V N . Robertson D116
V R. o Sullivan D129
V J. Higgins D115
V S. Murphy D130

Grand prix R1 V M. Selt D135

Pukka pies UK R1 V S. Davis D147, D148


Pokerstars Masters R1 v S. Murphy (selected frames) D155

Totesport Welsh open R1 V D. Harold D156

Sanyuan foods China open R1 V A Higginson D205
126 Break v M Allen D205

Betfred world championship R1 V Z Ahnda D223, D224 World open L64 V B Hanneveer D325
L32 V M Davis D326
L16 V R O’Sullivan (+ O’Sullivan’s 147 break) D335 UK R1 V J White D447, D448


Snooker shootout R1 V F O’Brien (+selected first round matches)

German Masters R2 V M Selby D585

Welsh open R1 V J Perry D584
R2 147 V S Maguire (BBC Wales & Eurosport commentary) D584

Hainan Classic Group v J.Higgins
(+ Ebdon v Higgins)

Tournament Finals (non Stephen Hendry)

1981 Embassy world Davis v Mountjoy D564
1981 B&H Masters A.Higgins v Griffiths D568
1982 B&H Masters Davis v Griffiths D544
1984 B&H Masters White v Griffiths D542
1987 B&H Masters Taylor v A.Higgins D565
1982 Lada Classic Davis v Griffiths D455
1987 UK Davis v White D543
1988 Grand Prix Davis v A.Higgins D566
1983 UK Davis v A.Higgins D563
1980 World Amateur White v R Atkins D567
1987 Embassy world Davis v Johnson D468
1991 Mita World masters White v Drago D467
1992 Pearl British open White v Wattana D464 *** (disc faulty)
1992 Royal Liver U.K White v Parrott D465, D466
1982 Coral UK Higgins v Griffiths D491, D492
1984 NZ Winfield masters White v Stevens D488
1994 Thailand Open Davis v Wattana D482
1992 Rothmans Grand Prix White v Doherty D476
1991 Junior Pot Black O’ Sullivan v Declan Murphy D476
1988 B&H Masters Davis v Hallett D481
1985 Coral UK Davis v Thorne
1984 World Doubles Higgins/White v Thorburn/Thorne D486
1982 Embassy world Higgins v Reardon D485, D486
1980 Coral U.K Davis v Higgins D375 *** (disc faulty)
1980 B&H Masters Higgins v Griffiths D459
2004 European Open Maguire v White (short) D388
1984 Grand prix Taylor v Thorburn
2002 Welsh Open Doherty v Hunter D541 (Session 2 only)
2002 UK Williams v Doherty D553, D554
2002 Regal Masters Higgins v O’Sullivan D558
2002 B & H Masters Williams v Hunter D539, D540
2001 Embassy World O’Sullivan v Higgins D569, D570, D571, D572
2001 British Open Higgins v Dott D525, D526
2000 Champions Cup Williams v O’Sullivan D521
2000 Embassy World Williams v Stevens D545, D546, D547, D548
2000 UK Williams v Higgins D549, D550
2000 Regal Scottish Williams v O’Sullivan D557
2000 British Open Ebdon v White D551, D552
1999 British Open Hamilton v O’Brien D559
1999 Regal Masters Higgins v Stevens D531, D532 (+1992 final)
1998 UK Higgins v Stevens D513, D514
1999 Grand Prix Higgins v Williams D555, D556
1999 B & H Masters Higgins v Doherty D529 (Session 2 only)
1998 German Masters Parrott v Williams D512 (+Parrott 130 break)
2004 Masters Hunter v O’Sullivan D509, D510
2000 Regal Welsh Higgins v Lee D523, D524
1998 Grand Prix Lee v Fu D528
2000 Grand Prix Williams v O’Sullivan D519, D520
1998 Regal Scottish Higgins v O’Sullivan D537,D538
2001 Regal Scottish Doherty v Ebdon D535, D536
2001 Regal Masters O’Sullivan v Higgins D515, D516
1995 Thailand Open Wattana v O’Sullivan D505
1996 European Open Parrott v Ebdon D330
1999 U.K Williams v Stevens D579, D580
2002 Citywest irish masters Higgins v Ebdon (final session) D340
1997 B & H Masters Davis v O’Sullivan D575, D576A, D576B
1998 Charity Challenge O’Sullivan v Higgins D522
1996 British Open Bond v Higgins D517, D518
2010 12Bet World open Robertson v O’Sullivan D336
1998 Regal Welsh Hunter v Higgins D533, D534
1998 Embassy World Higgins v Doherty (final session) D577
1997 European Open Higgins v Parrott D527
1997 Grand Prix Dale v Higgins D449, D450
2003 Embassy world Williams v Doherty D560, D561, D562
1997 Regal Masters Bond v McManus D578 (Final session)
2001 UK O’Sullivan v Doherty D530
1996 Grand Prix Williams v Henderson D439, D440
1998 Regal Masters Higgins v O’Sullivan D573, D574
2001 B & H Masters O’Brien v Hunter D507A, D507B, D508
1996 German Open O’Sullivan v Robidoux D357
1996 Regal welsh Williams v Parrott * (closing frames) D511
2010 12BET UK Higgins v Williams (session 2) D453, D454
2004 Welsh open O’Sullivan v Davis (session 2) D354
2011 Welsh open Higgins v Maguire (session 2)
2011 Hainan Classic Higgins v Cope

Other snooker matches
1985 B&H Masters R1- Higgins v Davis D375
1985 Coral UK R3- Higgins v White D477
1987 Langs Scottish Masters R1- A,Higgins v White D491
1987 Embassy world S.F- Davis v White D479, D480
1992 British Open R6- Wattana (147) v Drago D488
1984 B&H Masters S.F- White v Stevens (147) D378
1986 Langs Scottish masters- A.Higgins v J.Johnson
1982 Lada classic Q.F- Davis v Spencer (first tv 147) D459
1982 Embassy world S.F- Higgins v White D378
1998 British open QF- Williams v O;Sullivan D314
1998 British open SF- Williams v Higgins D314
1996 British open QF - O’ Sullivan v Williams D257
2009 World Series (Ireland)- White v Devaney (10 reds) D497
1999 Regal Welsh R3 - O’Sullivan v White (short)
1995 Regal Masters SF - Ebdon v O’Sullivan D299
2000 Grand Prix SF- Williams v White D268
2000 Grand Prix SF- O’Sullivan v Dott D267
2000 Embassy World SF- Williams v Higgins D429
2000 Regal Masters SF- O’Sullivan v Williams D158
2001 U.K SF- O’Sullivan v Williams D266
1997 B&H Masters SF- Davis v Doherty D258

1997 B&H Masters SF- O’Sullivan v Bond D257
1996 German open SF- O’Sullivan v Bond D288
1996 Grand Prix R2- Wattana v Mcphillips D351
1996 Grand Prix R2- Henderson v Birch D352
1996 Grand Prix R2- Hamilton v O’Brien D352
1996 Grand Prix R2- Doherty v Drago D352
1996 Grand Prix R3- Wattana v Snaddon D441
1996 Grand Prix R3- Hamilton v Henderson D442
1997 Grand Prix R2- White v Thorne D445
1997 Grand Prix R2- Parrott v B.Morgan D445
1997 Grand Prix R3- O’Sullivan v Read D446
1997 Grand Prix R3- White v Mcmanus D444
1997 Grand Prix QF- White v Price D444
1997 Grand Prix SF- White v Dale D444
1997 Grand Prix SF- Higgins v Stevens D443
1998 Embassy world SF- O’Sullivan v Higgins(end missing) D272
1997 Regal Masters SF- Parrott v Bond D284
2011 Snooker shootout (selected 1st round, 4 quarter finals, semi’s & final) D474
2011 Welsh open R1- O’Sullivan v Day D583

Miscellaneous snooker features

1997 Seniors Pot Black (full event featuring taylor, thorne, spencer, Griffiths, mans, miles, Johnson. Thorburn) D435, D436,D437
2010 World seniors- Q.FINALS Davis v Johnson, Parrott v Taylor, White v Thorburn D471, D472
SEMI FINALS Davis v Bond, White v Parrott D471, D473
FINAL White v Davis D473
Like a Hurricane 2001 BBC Documentary on Alex Higgins D500
The Hurricane - 1983 Higgins documentary (45 mins) D484
The Crucible 21 years in the frame, 21st anniversary BBC Documentary D499
Dennis Taylor’s Pots of Gold, SKY Sports Classic Frames D305
Stephen Hendry - this is your life (1990) D5
Alex Higgins- this is your life (1981)
Jimmy White- this is your life (1993)
Stephen Hendry- Doing the Business ( 1 hr documentary 1987) D2
Stephen Hendry- the maestro (3hr documentary) D501
When snooker ruled the world- 1hr BBC documentary (2002) D500
Embassy world snooker draw 1996 D331
Embassy world snooker draw 1997 D192
Embassy world snooker draw 1998
Embassy world snooker draw 1999 D331
Steve Davis & friends with stephen Hendry D498
Steve Davis & friends with Willie Thorne D498
Willie Thorne’s cue masters- 93 asian open (Harold v morgan) D498
94 Thai open (Hendry v Pichit) D498
Willie Thorne’s cue masters- 95 welsh open (o’sullivan v Higgins) D498
95 British open (j. white 141 brk) D498
Black & white- 1994 world final documentary (Hendry v White) D79
Year of the Hurricane (1982 world championship review 2.5 hours) D480
21 years of embassy world snooker 76-96 D503
1985- the black ball final (Davis v Taylor) documentary D495
25 years of the Benson & Hedges Masters D496
The People’s champion (A.Higgins documentary 2010) D329
Time of our lives - snooker in the 80’s (Johnson,Davis,Taylor) D452
Stephen Hendry 1990 player of the year D482
On cue- 1993 UK Championship SF & Final D502
Matchroom magical breaks (White, Davis, Hendry, Meo Drago century compilation) D502
Snooker century breakers- Embassy centuries (Davis, Higgins, Thorburn, White, Werbeniuk, Mountjoy, Fred Davis) D504

147 Break compilation D358
Play the game (coaching with Hendry, Parrott, Hallett, Morgan) D451
Stephen Hendry century compilation D438
Thorne v Taylor (1 frame exhibition 2000 Embassy) D429 Also D452
Hendry’s hundreds D271

Re: Extensive list of snooker dvd's 1980-2011

Postby rkidcd25

Alex0paul WC wrote:Were you a guy called Tai Pichit on TSF?

Also are you selling copies?

Yeah mate that's me. I'd happily sell you some if there's any you're interested in. i'm also always on the look out for any matches i've not got (80's & 90's)

Re: Extensive list of snooker dvd's 1980-2011

Postby Witz78

rkidcd25 wrote:
Alex0paul WC wrote:Were you a guy called Tai Pichit on TSF?

Also are you selling copies?

Yeah mate that's me. I'd happily sell you some if there's any you're interested in. i'm also always on the look out for any matches i've not got (80's & 90's)

what the latest with your own playing career Tai? Q School not tempt you?

Re: Extensive list of snooker dvd's 1980-2011

Postby SnookerFan

croydon1975 wrote:Hi,

I am have been looking for several years a dvd version of all of Hendry's
matches from the 2002 World snooker championship as I was there myself.

I am very keen to purchase these if you have copies of these matches

My email address is

I am based in Croydon also



:D :D :D :D

Re: Extensive list of snooker dvd's 1980-2011

Postby noury

that is not even try to respond at any messages from people i mean whats the point of trying to sale
stuff if you don't answer from people who are waiting for so long to watch thes classics video

Re: Extensive list of snooker dvd's 1980-2011

Postby noury

he does not even try to answer at any people question. What is the point of trying to sale stuff if he
isn't trying answer people question

Re: Extensive list of snooker dvd's 1980-2011

Postby noury

this guy can't even respond to people messages, whats the point of trying to sale stuff if you can't even answer at people that are looking for videos that have waited for so long, i know he will probably never going to come back in this forum

Re: Extensive list of snooker dvd's 1980-2011

Postby Empire State Human

my dvds for sale:

1) Ronnie O'Sullivan v Mick Price, 1997 WC - 147 only
2) John Virgo v Terry Griffiths, 1979 UK Final (painstakingly reanimated from Eric Whitehead's photographs)
3) Alex Higgins v John Spencer, 1972 World Final (Phil Studd Radio 5 Live audio-only version)

The lot - £1,500 o.n.o.

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Postby Badsnookerplayer

Empire State Human wrote:my dvds for sale:

1) Ronnie O'Sullivan v Mick Price, 1997 WC - 147 only
2) John Virgo v Terry Griffiths, 1979 UK Final (painstakingly reanimated from Eric Whitehead's photographs)
3) Alex Higgins v John Spencer, 1972 World Final (Phil Studd Radio 5 Live audio-only version)

The lot - £1,500 o.n.o.

o no

Re: Extensive list of snooker dvd's 1980-2011

Postby noury

is it a joke empire state human, who will try to buy stuff thats already on the internet and buying just 3 things
for 1,500£ no one will be interested this is called stelling money

Re: Extensive list of snooker dvd's 1980-2011

Postby mick745

noury wrote:is it a joke empire state human, who will try to buy stuff thats already on the internet and buying just 3 things
for 1,500£ no one will be interested this is called stelling money