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Looking for very specific CueCraft cue ferrule type

Postby Sickpotter

Hi All,

About 15 years ago CueCraft cues were handcrafted but have slowly switched to a more "mass production" style.

The first CueCraft cue I had was purchased from Hendry's club in Sterling and it had quite an interesting ferrule on it which I haven't been able to find since, I suspect because the mass production was introduced.

The ferrule was brass but unusually long. If memory serves it was almost an inch long but waffer talking just enough brass to keep the tip of the cue from splitting. Effectively it allowed the responsiveness of brass but had the feel of a fiber ferrule.

In short, it was the best hit I'd ever felt on a 3/4 butt cue and I deeply regret selling it.

I'm hoping CC still makes a cue with that kind of ferrule and was wondering if anyone has seen this type/style of ferrule or if anyone has a CueCraft dealer nearby they could ask?