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My bought accesoires: your experiences and reviews

Postby Vladimir Habryialian

Hello guys

As I said in my first post, I have bought a pool table and some accessoires to play snooker on a good level. Can you tell me please if these are good purchases? Are they worth it or not?

So, I have bought these ones:

- Aramith Snooker balls, 50,8 mm
- Loctite 401 cue tip glue, 5 grams
- 10.0 mm cue tips from Buffalo Diamond Plus (they play similar to 10.0 mm Elk Master tips, but a little bit harder)
- Triangle chalk green, 144 pieces
- Yardy 8 ft protection cover
- Aramith ball cleaner and restorer, 250 ml
- Cue tip sharpener
- A cue towel, in combination with barn roll and Sil Kleen shaft cleaner, to clean the shaft
- Cue tip former red
- Table cleaner Cue Silk, 475 ml
- Brush from horse hair, 27.0 cm
- Mouthpiece of a hoover, especially made to clean the billiard tables
- Triangle for the snooker balls
- Chalk holders, Buffalo, 2 pieces
- Cue conditioner set from Buffalo (I will first clean the shaft, then I will use this conditioner)
- Rest stick 152 cm, which I will use with spider, rest, extended spider, full butt and swan neck, which are made from copper, some ones from chrome
- Protect screws for rest, spider,....
- A white pencil to made the line, where I will put my yellow, brown and green ball. I was also thought to buy a D - marker, but if I will follow it, then the cue ball won't pass between yellow and brown, for example.
- Cue tip protector 11.0 mm (10.0 mm I didn't found, my snooker cue is 10.0 mm)
- A microfiber towel from Aramith to clean the balls with the Aramith cleaner and restorer

PS. I have also got a band/belt brush from plastic, but maybe I will replace it with a wooden one.

Each feedback, review, advice, suggestion is welcome!

With regards

Vladimir Habryialian