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Joint protectors and napping block

Postby Vladimir Habryialian

Hello guys

Recently I have bought a pool table, but I am in doubt about some accesoires. One of them is the napping block, I have the imagination (tell me if I wrong) that it's only necessary for carambole and not for pool tables.

The second one is a joint protector. I have bought a snooker cue to play snooker, but do you need or generally use a joint protector for the snooker cue or do you only use it on pool cues?

With regards

Vladimir Habryialian

Re: Joint protectors and napping block

Postby Badsnookerplayer

Lots of people use a napping block on a snooker table but you can manage with just an iron and brush. I never use the block.

I have never come across people using joint protector on a snooker cue. I don't think anybody uses it.

Re: Joint protectors and napping block

Postby Juddernaut88

Can I ask how big is your pool table and how much was it roughly? if you do have any links of where you purchased it that would be great thanks. I've got a crappy 6 foot table in my garage which I've had for 10 years. I'm thinking of possibly trying to get a better table instead, maybe 8 feet but depends on price.