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Cue Tips

Postby Cannonball

I started off with elks, moved to Talisman, Buffalo Diamond Plus, then O'min, then Aurora, and now I'm thinking the unthinkable, going back to the elks I swore I'd never use again. I've heard that 13mm pool tip elks are superior to snooker tip elks, so I'm interested to know if anyone has bought some, paired them down for a snooker cue, and used them successfully? I think ROS used one at the worlds this year.

Secondly, does anyone have any recommended treatments for elks. A mate microwaves them a bit. Any stories?


Re: Cue Tips

Postby Sickpotter

I like the Elks but the main problem is that generally they're quite soft which can mean frequent replacing.

I've found the best way to work around this is to use the pool tips, more material to shave down but with more material the compression of the tip won't be as detrimental.

On top of that, take the tip and give it a firm squeeze in a vice. If you compact it in a vice beforehand then the shrinking that's seen over the first week of play due to impact compression will no longer occur.

Re: Cue Tips

Postby Anders

THe larger elks are meant to be more consistent in thier firmness and not mushroom as much or as frequently. I have a box of 11mm and they are better than the 10mm i had used previosuly. Perhaps 1 in 4 is a dodgy one as opposed to 3 of 4 being useless.

If you like elks i woulsd suggest buying some Mike Wooldridge Supertips. They are like a good elk but every one is good. They are more expensive though at £13 for 5. I personally quite like re-tipping my cue so do put the odd elk on every now and then just for a change, then go back to the MW when it lets me down.

Re: Cue Tips

Postby Dannylad

Hi I'm looking for someone to retip my cue I'm 10 miles from glasgow , I live in wishaw if anyone knows anyone decent enough I'd appreciate any feedback thanks