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Laser Tracking System for re-spotting balls

Postby LGA Softworks

Just letting everyone know of a new product that is coming to market. LGA Softworks has developed a laser tracking system to assist referees when balls need to be re-spotted on the table due to a foul and miss or disruption in the play.
Our system works with a video camera and 2 low powered RGB lasers mounted above the table. The camera takes snapshots of the play and should the need arise for the referee to re-spot any balls, the laser will draw circles on the table to indicate where the balls need to be placed. The system is extremely accurate, safe and fast so for players who play at a fast pace, it allows for a better playing experience by not breaking the player's concentration.
The system will draw a red circle on the table to indicate where the ball needs to be placed. When the referee moves the ball into the proper place, the colour of the laser changes to green to let the referee know the ball is in the correct position.

More information can be found at our website:

Re: Laser Tracking System for re-spotting balls

Postby Prop

LGA Softworks wrote:
Prop wrote:You say it’s coming to market soon - have you approached WST?

Yes we are in talks with World Snooker. Can't mention who I am talking with but we are in talks with them to bring it to the pro circuit. Might take a while.

For now, we have introduced a system which works in a club setting.
More information is available at our web site:

Best of luck with it :hatoff: