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Becoming a table fitter

Postby Jamie_2010

Does anyone have any information on how I could have a career change and maybe start fitting tables , snooker tables/pool tables are something I’ve grew up on and I’d love to fit them for a job ... I actually think I’d be very good at it ..
any help in the right direction is really appreciated

Re: Becoming a table fitter

Postby Dan-cat

It might be worth emailing World Snooker and asking if you can attend a tournament fit out as a volunteer / shadow.

If you want to get good at anything, model an expert.

Good luck! Report back :-)

Re: Becoming a table fitter

Postby Badsnookerplayer

Dan-cat wrote:
If you want to get good at anything, model an expert.


If you want to become an expert poster on here I am happy for you to shadow me for a couple of weeks.


Re: Becoming a table fitter

Postby Holden Chinaski

Fitter, happier
More productive
Not drinking too much
Regular exercise at the gym, three days a week
Getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries
At ease
Eating well, no more microwave dinners and saturated fats
A patient, better driver
A safer car, baby smiling in back seat
Sleeping well, no bad dreams
No paranoia

Re: Becoming a table fitter

Postby Absolute Snooker

I happen to own Absolute snooker. One of the UK's largest independent snooker table refurbishment companies. I am also a huge snooker fan being lucky enough to carry our works on tables for many professionals.
We currently refurbish and maintain tables for over 4000 clubs and institutions across the UK and have been fitting tables for 25 years. We have a team of engineers who where all initially Riley trained.

We are always on the lookout for new table engineers.
It is a skilled profession that takes many years to learn and many many more to master/ perfect.

If its something your genuinely interested in get in touch via our website and we will see what we can do.

Re: Becoming a table fitter

Postby CaseyWalker

It sounds like you have a real passion for snooker/pool tables, which is a great starting point. Have you considered reaching out to local snooker/pool table businesses to inquire about potential apprenticeships or training programs? That could be a good way to gain some hands-on experience and start building your skills.