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Re: Dafabet Masters Round 1 : Shaun Murphy v Mark Allen

Postby hendry_fan

Good morning,good day,good evening everyone.

:happy: In just a few hours,mins,secs,the new year/season of snooker will begin. :happy:

:cracker: Before this tourney starts,i,d like to take the opportunity to wish you all a happy christmas :tree: :elves: and a *happy new year*. :cracker:

I hope you all got plenty of socks,aftershave and chocolates as well as havin a few pints of :wine: :beer:

So it,s Smurph v Allen who gets the new year/season kickin off.

I have to say,i,m very surprised that Allen has never ever beaten Murphy in a main event and when they met in this tourney in 2015,he lost in that match as well,6 frames to 2.

Havin an advantage in the head to head is all very well,but as it,s been said many a time,it all comes to the day and it certainly does,nt mean to say that it,s definite that Murphy will beat Allen yet again today.

Either way,i think Murphy will continue the great run he has against him and that he will send Mr Allen right back to Northern Ireland. :-)

Re: Dafabet Masters Round 1 : Shaun Murphy v Mark Allen

Postby Andre147

Afternoon folks :-D

The 2nd biggest event of the season for me about to start then :-) Just love it, one table setup from the off, the 16 best players in the World.

Like hendry_fan says, Allen never beaten Murphy in a main event, and I don't think today that'll change.

Could be a close match, but Murphy should have too much for him in the end.

Two players I absolutely love watching on the table, but off it... not so much. :zzz:

Re: Dafabet Masters Round 1 : Shaun Murphy v Mark Allen

Postby Prop

Not long people!

This is by far my 2nd favourite too. Something a bit special and elite about it, which the UK certainly isn't. Snooker's showcase event.

I'd say New Shoes Murphy is my bet, although Allen can be much the heavier scorer on his day. If Smurph can rid himself of the habit of breaking down on 50 (which is still in his game abeit improved) then we should see a quality match.

Here we go.