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NEW SPA letter

Postby Monique

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Patsy Fagan is out to make sure SPA survives; here is the letter he adressed to the players.

Dear Player

Please find enclosed the current Snooker Players Association newsletter.

We requested Elaine Eyers send this newsletter out via the WPBSA which Barry Hearn agreed to do however Brandon parker objected saying we do not have the support from the players. We have therefore decided to send it to you direct.

Could you please email me a quick note (within the next 24 hours if possible) showing your support of the Snooker Players Association to

Thanking you in anticipation.

Kind regards.

Patsy Fagan
Chief Executive SPA

The Letter


N e w s l e t t e r
25th May 2010

Dear Members

The Snooker Players Association

After informing Barry Hearn, as the Chairman of WPBSA, that it is our intention to pick up the file of THE SNOOKER PLAYERS ASSOCIATION and carry it forward, he had had no objections, wished us luck and said he appreciated our phone call.

A meeting took place in Manchester on the 18th May 2010 at our Company Secretary’s (Gareth Williams – Solicitor) office between the new Board of the SPA and it was agreed by all present that Pat Mooney has no further involvement in THE SNOOKER PLAYERS ASSOCIATION and we should start a fresh. Present at the meeting were Gareth Williams, Patsy Fagan, Les Barton, Robert Barton and Janette Gross.

Gareth Williams is to remain as Company Secretary
Patsy Fagan to be the new Chief Executive
Les Barton to be a Director
Janette Gross to be a Director
Robert Barton to be a Director
Steve Davis to be President (to be confirmed)

Below is just a short list of reasons why there is a need for The Snooker Players Association

1.The need for a collective voice to represent snooker players.2.A counter voice for and against who ever is in power, now or in the future.3.To give advice and protection against contracts that are being offered by sponsors, TV etc.
4.To ensure playing conditions are of the highest standard.5.To have an SPA representative attend all WPBSA Board Meetings and other controlling body's who get to own or lease world snooker Ltd or similar.6.To have an SPA representative at all disciplinary hearings.7.The facility to support fellow professionals.8.The SPA has to be totally independent of WPBSA.9.We would like to advise you that we have today written to World Snooker informing them that we would like to purchase the remaining 12% of shares on behalf of The Snooker Players Association.
We have had overwhelming support from Players and Managers to date however if we have not yet been in contact with and you are willing to support the SPA please ring Les Barton on 07961 394317 or email

This is just a brief update on events as they stand at the present time. Going forward we will publish regular newsletters via the WPBSA and website updates where you will all have your chance to put your views and opinions across and let us have any feedback on anything whatsoever to do with snooker and how we can help you as a member of our Association.
Anyone wishing to remain anonymous who would like us to ask us a question on your behalf at the EGM Meeting on the 2nd June please let Les know.
All the best.
Patsy Fagan
Chief Executive
The Snooker Players Association

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Re: NEW SPA letter

Postby Wildey

SPA Press Release source Ferret on TSF


Snooker now has a clear vision of its future and this will become even clearer over the coming weeks as Barry Hearn forms his board and releases full details on the plans ahead.

As part of the future, the snooker players union (The Snooker Players Association) will play an increasing role in helping shape the way ahead. Barry Hearn has been a long-time supporter of the union and has always acknowledged the key role they have played in making this whole change possible.

The SPA will announce their Players Board representatives (a group of 6 professional snooker players) in the next 14 days. Discussions with players are taking place during this time and the key is to ensure the selected members are a true representation of the rank and file professional membership.

The role of this Board will be to represent the views and rights of the players to the WPBSA and of course the new company now formed by Barry Hearn to promote and run snooker.

Les Barton speaking on behalf of the SPA quotes.

The Snooker Players Association is nothing without a truly representative view of the players and this has to come from all levels. There will initially be 6 players and they will now finalise the constitution and priority objectives of the Association. This sport is about to go truly global and confidence and excitement is in abundance. We believe, with all three parties now firmly in place, the players see themselves having a fantastic future. The role of the SPA will include ensuring that player rights in all areas are developed to ensure maximum benefit and return to the players.

We are delighted by the number of players that have come forward to sit on the Players Board and they clearly see the importance and requirement to be actively involved. This Players Board will not be a forum for talking, it will be a group of decisive people capable of ensuring the players views are heard and acted upon. We are endeavouring to speak with all those players who have come forward to be involved however would still like to hear from any others who feel they can contribute as a board member of The SPA

At last we find ourselves in alignment and whilst we appreciate that The SPA will at times differ in views from The WPBSA and promoters we are in no doubt that all parties are committed to giving this sport the profile and presence on the world stage it deserves.