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Re: money and points rankings after gibraltar open

Postby csprince

Vallomas wrote:David Grace and Mitchell Mann? They are not Tour players this season. I found some other mistakes in the list too, but those are the most important.
they are not mistakes i unlike world snooker have included all players that have earned money/points over the last 12/24 months depending on which list you are looking at that"s why i have shared the lists otherwise you can look at the rankings on world snooker or as i believe all players that have earned points should be included. apart from seeding players rankings should include all players that have earned points david grace for example will be on the tour next season starting on 0 points but has already earned points over the last 24 months none of which will count .you have other players like xintong pengfei and slessor and before this season donaldson who would be in decent positions but had to restart on 0 points which to me seems unfair next season as things stand players like sharav and o brian would start on 0 points yet sharav has had his best season. hardly fair. david grace could win the world title(unlikely) or make the last 32 yet any points from the worlds won"t count towards his ranking