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Re: Full 2018/19 Calendar released, including the Challenge

Postby TheSaviour

kolompar wrote:Championship League is back :phew:

But only to start in january. That´s still class and something to look forward. Slightly depends on who are playing.

Lot´s of useless phone calls also to "look forward". But I have solved it on a way that I have three mobile phones and two connections. So I only use one connection actively with a phone I prefer and the second connections is on an another phone which I don´t use but check once in a month or so what has been going on. Only the people who I know that have something to say when phoning have that connection I actively use. Can´t be too critical on the people who just phones me without absolutely anything to say as at times they are on to something but just get irritated about all those useless what´s up I am bossing you - phone calls. I am sure when they are on to something they text me but I only read those once in a month. Some people are just purely statisticians and completely forgotting there are some exceptions and completely forgotting or denying your own pass. Which is something no-one needs to deal with. But can´t be too critical towards those people as at times they actually are on to something and if being that just making the same mistake they have made.

And then there were a huge, huge blast after a long pause.

This calender is similar as Jamie Oliver´s cooking. Lot´s of, lot´s of useless dribbling. Being part of the popularity contest. But then he accidentally flukes a perfect meatloaf - recipe! I would just like to ask him if I ever would meat him that did u just happened to fluke that meatloaf - recipe. Was it just a pure luck?

It´s like how a one around the world sailor used to write; you must always leave the place if you are ever about to come back. That´s brilliantly putted. As per usual. As he seemingly was a very shrewd and clever person and working only for himself. The more determined you are leaving the place, the more you fancy to come back. And it works vice versa also. The more friendly and lovely you are in the place you are, you are not fancing to come back anymore (to be there at the first place). And why to leave the place at the first place if you are not fancing to come back anymore.

I am still not quite sure what this all got to do with this Full 2018/2019 Calender but I am sure you can have some ideas regarding all this.. And would still like to see Oliver Lines playing some stuff as I am sure he will. As well as Jak Jones and obviously all the usual suspects. There just always just can be a one winner. But many great runner-ups also.