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Calendar "Announced Soon" for 2018/19

Postby snookerguy

With the announcement of yet another invitational - this time for the top 8 players on the one year list we also get a hint of an imminent announcement of next years events. ... er-events/

Th first provisional calendar was released in April last year so it's already late.

We've got the first half and of course know the date for a few events in the second half. But we should surely get a full one pretty soon? Perhaps today or this week? ... irst-half/

Re: Calendar "Announced Soon" for 2018/19

Postby snookerguy

Morinas77 wrote:Isn't the calendar out already? I know it was outside the Crucible already before the WC started and the tour championship was already on it.

I couldn't find it online, even a provisional version going beyond December.

Re: Calendar "Announced Soon" for 2018/19

Postby Morinas77

There should be a better event than Gibraltar between the PC and the TC, otherwise we would already know the 8 qualifiers for the TC right after the PC has finished. I guess Romania (as a ranking event?) is still missing on it.

Re: Calendar "Announced Soon" for 2018/19

Postby snookerguy

Thanks Morina. You're a star. You do wonder why they're willing to billboard it but not put it online.

I'm OK with Preston being used for players championship and for some qualifiers. Maybe we could get both?

Interested to see where the English open goes, guessing somewhere in the south (Essex?) after two years in the north.

No events in June is a pisser as well.

Re: Calendar "Announced Soon" for 2018/19

Postby The_Abbott

Ronnie79 wrote:Where is the Championship League and Romanian Masters?

Maybe they realised the Champions league is a waste of space?